Why Should You Accept Virtual Card Payments?

You have a growing business and you are seeking out more conventional payment options that will expand your reach to the market. We know exactly what you are looking for! Virtual cards can be the solution you are searching for. But what is a virtual card?

What is a virtual card?

Technically, they are card-less card payments with a unique 16-digit computer generated number. With the demanding flow to safer and more effective online payment methods, virtual cards are the saviors of customers to ease the whole process when it comes to online shopping. Virtual card

holders do not have to take their cards from their wallets even. Plus, it is not necessary to insert financial information into the blanks of a suspicious payment gateway of an unknown website.

Various opened-loop virtual cards have a provider logo like MasterCard and Visa. Holders can use them in any store which accepts these two providers. Most of the general-purpose reloadable virtual cards are also linked to a successful online banking system where holders can monitor their transactions moment-to-moment.

When you place virtual cards as an option for your customers, you will serve usability, solution-oriented functionality and security. Besides these pluses, there are other benefits of using virtual cards as a business operator. We have classified the main four reasons why you should accept virtual card payments.

It is cheaper!

Unlike check payments, virtual credit cards require less fees. Therefore, there are great ways to lower the cost of payments. When you consider the transaction pricey fees and supplies like check stock, envelopes, MICR toner and postage, you will realize how expensive the path you have been used so far.

It is more secure!

Checks are not safe and check-frauds are the most common ways of malicious attempts in the United States. It is a well-known truth that virtual credit cards are safer than checks and physical cards in checkouts. V-Cards enable a 16-digit card number that is unique for every single payment. Being safe and not having the dangers of fraudulent activity or theft, your company will be appreciated by any CFO worldwide.

It is faster!

Paying by a virtual card is double-quicker for suppliers on several fronts. Instead of time-consuming

physical check runs, payments are operated automatically between bank accounts when payment is run. Do you remember the 30-day terms that you used to wait for approvals? Virtual cards take only a few days to process.

It creates better relations!

No matter you are working with individuals or other business owners, virtual card payments strengthen the relationships. Giving less effort and taking high security will let all sides focus on more strategic tasks—ones that better align with current operations.

In conclusion, this is an equation where everyone wins mutually. To provide virtual cards as a payment method for your e-commerce site will expand both your reputation and the interest in your services. And if along the way you’re able to reap the rewards from time savings and rebates!

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