Mobile Money Transfers

Do you remember how we used to transfer money a decade ago? How long did we queue up in the stuffy and muggy bank branches? The documents we had to present and confusing endless digit numbers noted down! Many of us spent half of the day just to send money abroad and the amount was sent on an uncertain day to the recipient! Besides all the chaos, these money transfers were quite pricey, especially international money transfers. Phew! In retrospect, the banking system can be the only memento not to be yearned for from our old daily routine. 

But time has changed! In a life where you can connect your classmates through Zoom, there is no place for waiting and messing with codes. Neither names nor incognita dates. Today, thanks to the interconnected world, digital technology serves us a great selection of financial conveniences no matter if you are at the peak of Lhotse or it is 4 a.m. on Christmas Eve. 

Yes! We are all connected with invisible bonds and all the operations are on the tip of our fingers. In order to operate your money flow now, all you need is a mobile remittance company with a functional application. Using a mobile money transfer service will open a new era with countless advantages.  

Leading FinTech companies such as Jeton have developed spectacular platforms to expedite finance transfers overseas, securely and accurately. 

Why to Use a Mobile Money Transfer Service

If you are not familiar with online money transfer applications, we have listed attractive key benefits of using remittance apps. Here they are:

  • Save Time! – Time is a gem, so why spend your precious time in bank queues whilst you are capable of transferring money via your mobile phone in a couple of minutes?
  • Speed up! – Unlike the uncertainty of other transfer methods, mobile money transfers are a swift and easy way to send money abroad.
  • Be flexible! – You are not doomed to one method or payout option. Choose your preferred path among various choices.
  • It is pocket-friendly! – Online money transfers are remarkably cheaper compared to other global transfers. 
  • It is safer! – Digital wallets serve high-level security in both login and transfers. In Jeton mobile app, all the circulating data is encrypted. Furthermore, it is impossible for third parties to reach our clients’ personal or financial information.

Reach customer support anytime! – Mobile banking apps are built up to provide full-time assistance for any issue you may face. Our Jeton customer support team consists of dedicated professionals specialized in the financial sector to help you 24/7/365.

How do Mobile Money Transfers Work in Jeton?

In fundamentals, there is no difference between mobile money transfer principle and what a bank clerk does in front of the screen. In order to transfer money to another account, all you need is the recipient’s user ID (Jeton account number), phone number or email address, then you can easily send amounts in the preferred currency. Furthermore, thanks to the explanatory and affordable Jeton money transfers, to utilise them is the cheapest way to send money abroad.

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