B2B Payments Guide with Jeton

The future is here! How about you?


To be frank, it was already foreseen that online shopping would be the future of our aspect of purchasing services and items. But New Normal (!) boosted the tendency to search everything from the browsers. Due to the puzzling atmosphere created by Covid-19, the rate of online shoppers has tripled in the last two years. This rapid expansion also converted B2B payments solutions into more efficient and easier methods. E-commerce sites are looking for functional paths to reach other businesses and mutually beneficial global payments.


Arranging the cash flow and securing timely payment from merchants can be really challenging for businesses. This is the very point where, as an online business owner, you need to choose the right B2B payment options to perform the best transactions between companies. Today, the most popular B2B payments include paper cheques, credit cards

ACH (automated clearing house payments), Bank Wire Transfers, cash and EFT (electronic funds transfers). None of them is easy to track and can come up with various issues such as failed payments, lost administrative time, safety leaks and their relative costs, problems of overdue payments with clients and insufficient cash flow. But how to avoid these B2B money transfer complications? The answer is a perfect substitute, online payment platforms with lots of upside. 


Our company, Jeton, is a convenient, fast and cost-effective alternative for those who are tired of all the tremendous effort they need to put in to process one single transaction with another business. We provide more than B2B payments. 


Let us explain!


Track Your Transactions! 

Thanks to our comprehensive and user-oriented application, B2B payments will take your business to the next level. You can easily monitor how your business is spending money and set your income/outcome more efficiently. Providing reports will make you observe merchant behaviours including late payments. Therefore, you can choose your business connections better. Always remember that when you aren’t paid, it won’t be possible to pay your suppliers, which will result in bad supplier relationships and being unable to invest in the future. Take control of your money transfers with Jeton!

Fast and secure B2B money transfers!

It is the undeniable truth that on-time payments are crucial to strengthen the bond between companies. Therefore, you better choose Jeton to make it simpler for other companies to pay you, rather than sending a cheque in the post. With us, you can also operate international money transfers to your merchants any time anywhere. No paperwork! No lost cheques! No calls for arrangements. Simply use your EUR IBAN to hold, send and receive money through your account worldwide. As simple as that!

Eliminate human errors!

Jeton B2B payment platform is perfectly designed to remove any kind of man-hours for managing transactions and with digital payment methods. Thus you can eliminate all kinds of human mistakes such as miscalculating, post delayments or missing files. Furthermore, thanks to our Jeton app, you can utilize your personnel to focus on improving your company standards.

Keep it transparent!

Fees and costs have always been the reasons for hesitation in digital B2B payments. Jeton Business provides you these exclusive services with no hidden fees. You and your business corporations will always be informed before completion of every transaction about required transfer fees. 

Be safe! 

Despite high security risks in traditional payment options, Jeton serves you secure and encrypted transactions. Plus, our company has a multi-currency account option which will enable you to hold/send/receive in various fiat currencies and protect you from high volatility with reasonable and advantageous exchange rates compared to others in the field.


Get in touch with Jeton Business today! 


Start managing your finances with ease, expand your connections and enlarge your business worldwide with us! 


Get ready for the future!

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