An Introduction to Jeton’s Business Partnership

Digital wallets are the future of payments and businesses should embrace them sooner or later. 

Let’s put it this way, everyone owns a smartphone nowadays and a digital wallet can turn your phone into a convenient and secure payment tool.

By adding Jeton to their payment option companies are boosting their global reach. A single integration gives access to all Jeton features across the world. 

The benefits of using Jeton for your business.

Improving your customer experience

We can provide an easy way to accept payments with straightforward settlement filer, effortless reporting and reconciliation. In today’s world customer experience means a lot and Jeton can help online businesses improve their cross-border settlements. With 24/7 account management and client support, we make sure we treat every business and its customers with the care needed. 

Better protection and security

Jeton uses secure technologies with PCI DSS Level 1 compliance and 2 Factor Authentication such as encryption and tokenisation to protect sensitive payment data. You don’t have to worry about leaving your credit card in a physical location. You can. Lock your phone if you lose it.

Easy settlements and access to real-time data. 

Jeton offers the ability to process and exchange between multiple currencies. 

Are you ready to start accepting Jeton at your business? Jeton partners with business to make accepting payments safe and secure.