Benefits of a Dedicated IBAN for Your Business

Advent of the comfort age is all thanks to the brilliant rise of the Internet. Since its infusion into our lives to such an extent that many sectors have adjusted their services according to this one after another. The ease of reaching everything with the tips of our fingers gave us the power of freedom and the taste of border-less. This is also valid for business payment operations as well. 

To open a business is a completely struggling process no matter whether you own an embroidery atelier in Finland or a Greek olive oil exporter from Crete island. Just to complete required documentation can take months and lots of effort. We know what you feel. Because as Jeton Company, we have been there before. To stand up in this competitive sector has never been easy, but with our user-oriented approach and experienced inner circle made us what we are today. The lesson we have learned firstly was how important it is to have a functional banking system and online banking connections to push the business further. 

You cannot limit yourself with domestic payment options depending on your residential company. Do not forget that limiting your business payment methods will lead to limitations of your business eventually. The path to expand business internationally passes through creating a mechanism to make cross border payments as frictionless as possible. At this very point of need, virtual IBAN accounts take over all with their smooth implementation process. But what is a Virtual IBAN exactly? 

If you are familiar with banking terminology you probably know what IBAN is. IBAN is the abbreviation of International Bank Account Number. You can think of it as an international address for your bank account. Actually, a Virtual IBAN number is no different from a regular IBAN bank account in fundamentals. Users can send and receive funds easily and double quickly via these accounts and, unlike traditional banking, they will not face exhausting, time consuming laborious onboarding processes whilst creating a virtual one. Sounds great! Right? Now the question mark is “How to open a Virtual IBAN account?”

Various online banking platforms enable you to open Virtual accounts and provide dedicated IBAN numbers that will help you to connect your B2B and B2C operations more functional and trustworthy. 

Having Virtual IBANs creates a more affordable getaway for both sides of transactions. Considering how many times you transfer and receive money on a daily basis, all these fees and costs can cost you less than any traditional bank. Plus, you do not need to pay for annual settlements or meaningless services such as insurance and credit cards. Nobody will suffocate you or your personnel with non-stop silly offers. 

Another great advantage of a Virtual IBAN account is gathering all your international payments in one single account. Most e-wallets and online banking companies will give you the opportunity to have multi currency accounts which will enable you to receive and send online payments in various foreign currencies. The good news is that you can keep all these currencies under your dedicated IBAN account instead of converting them using sharp exchange rates. 

In Jeton, we will serve you great benefits including a Euro IBAN which will break your limits and give you the taste of managing your international payments and money transfers without tricky fees. Hold, send and receive money through Virtual IBAN account with us.

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