Payment Solutions for Your i-Gaming Business

Let’s be honest! We all love i-gaming! No matter if it is a DOTA Battle Pass, an Egypt themed slot machine or betting for the Boston Celtics in the NBA league. The pleasure of betting and gaming was always out there. Unquestionably, the expansion of being online in our daily lives also opened an era in the online gaming sector. With the great push of the internet, now, all our mobile devices are online casinos and betting stores. You do not have to step out from your own house in any condition to bet. Enchanting! Especially for the ones who are worried about the new destruction, Covid-19.

Yes! One of the trending sectors with great advantages is gambling and this rush created Titan companies who are expanding their chips in every single second. But is it all roses and shine? Is it really easy to be an iGaming merchant and earn a great share in this market? Unfortunately, no. There are quite a few things you need to focus to accomplish and prove yourself on this competitive and risky battlefield. And all this advice to improve your iGaming payment methods, passes through understanding your intended population. Read your audience needs and characteristics. If you have no idea, you can not serve the appropriate payment solutions. How old are they? Where do they live? What do they like to play? What makes them want to play more? 

Thanks to your KYC (Know Your Customer) regulation, your gambling market statistics can answer most of these questions. For instance, if you are a specialist in Cricket, it is not surprising that potential members will be from New Zealand, India, England and South Africa. Therefore, you need to set the online payment solutions to enable them to be in your online betting site. Another binding factor is age. Esports is a market that is mostly anticipated by Gen Y and Gen Z. You can not wait for them to fill long payment gateways during the game. Because unlike Gen X, they will not have patience for long verification and signup processes. This is the very reason that you can add functional e-wallets for iGaming to your payment portfolio. 

How about payment habits? The most common online betting payment methods in China are Alipay, We Chat Pay, Union Pay and Apple Pay whereas when we look at statistics in Germany, we realize GiroPay, SOFORT, PayPal, Klarna and SEPA Direct Debit are the most popular ways to purchase. 

One of the biggest and challenging issues for an i-Gaming merchant is being listed as a high-risk account in bank lists. High ratio of credit card chargebacks reasoning for fraudulent activity and gambling laws of government regulations classify your transactions as high risk. The point is banks are not institutions which verifies you once, the bank accounts are frequently monitored closely against risks and malicious activities. Thus, your merchant account can be closed with no notice and block your funds for a quite long time. This duration will cut your cash flow on your website and you may not be able to pay the requested withdrawals. This has been a death-warrant for multiple gambling merchant businesses.   

But no worries! Jeton is here to clear the clouds! We will be your trustworthy online payments partner. Having years of experience in this particular sector, we created a unique platform for specialized services to securely manage your online betting or online casino websites. Together we can take more solid and strong steps to a brighter future! Do something beneficial for your business today and join Jeton!

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