International Prepaid Debit Cards

Let’s draw a picture of a dream journey to Nepal. You have been saving for years to visit one of the largest spherical stupa in the world, Boudha Stupa in Kathmandu. Sacrificed for many things. You did not buy that breath-taking shoes or that cutting-edge technology device. You can not even remember your last fine dining event. All for seeing this magnificent building and to experience your most outstanding Hatha Yoga Session ever. During the whole plane flight, you have been reading your Nepal Travel Guide and checking your to-do list. You finally reached your hostel and it is time for the big moment! You can not leave all your cash in the room. Therefore, you place them in your backpack and start walking. In a narrow street, a weird man grabs your bag. Now, you have nothing in the middle of a foreign country. Although we have pictured the worst scenario you can face, these nightmares haunt millions of travelers. The good news is that there is a great way to avoid them! Prepaid cards!

What is an international prepaid card? They are the same in fundamentals with a debit card although they are not attached to a banking account. Once you fund them in the necessary amount of capital, you can use them overseas just like a debit card to spend at any store, online shopping sites and withdrawal for cash. In contrast to cheques, they are accepted everywhere and anytime. 

Benefits of Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid international debit cards for travel have already expanded in recent years among backpackers. Just like Hippie Trails pre-stocked cheques in the 1960s, they can be carried easily and create a traveler-friendly option in many ways. 

First of all, they are bullet-proof. It is impossible to hack a prepaid card in many ways no matter how long attackers try. Best prepaid debit cards for international use are the ones which are supported by prestigious companies such as Jeton, which is cooperating with the leading cyber security firms providing SSL encryption and two-step verification. Plus, you need to confirm every single transaction using your password via mobile phone or fingerprint. 

The prepaid card apps come with a layout enabling to view movements in the account. You can revise your recent payments and calculate your expenses in a listed way. This will help the account owner to set a budget and be cautious for the next steps. Furthermore, in case of a fraud or double-charge, it is easy to show a proof thanks to these useful applications.   

Most prepaid debit cards you can use internationally provide multi-currency accounts. Considering the tricky exchange rates and pricey bank commissions in every single transaction, to have the local currency with you will save a lot of money and concerns. 

The prepaid debit cards are generally issued by a bank or financial institution. In any case of emergency, these dependable establishments will serve you the most helpful customer support to replace prepaid cards. An approximate time of replacing an international prepaid card takes only 36-48 hours. 

In addition to travelling overseas, you can also use a prepaid card overseas for your business transactions, sudden agreements or consignments. You can close an advantageous deal in minutes without defaults for imperfect banking processes. Do not forget! Time is money!

Prepaid debit cards are not only advantageous in many ways but also cheaper than any bank debit card or credit cards in fees and costs. You will be free of charges for annual fees, unnecessary services and pricey online transaction fees. 

Now the big question is; What is the best prepaid debit card for international use?

In Jeton, we developed a great international prepaid card, JetonCash for our beloved users. Our card comes with a spectacular application where you can monitor every single movement in your account. Plus, Jeton Company is mostly known for its seamless customer service which will help you 24/7/365 for any issue or question. Join us today and meet the attractive benefits of Jeton world! 

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