Advantages of Gift Cards for E-commerce Businesses

How many times were you disappointed with your birthday present? 


An ugly sweater, a book you have already read, that silly painting you can not stand even to look at, a necklace you will never ever put on. And that feeling you must show your appreciation in order not to look rude and mean. Phew! Too much stress for a special day. We have all taken numerous gifts we have never wanted during our lives. It is challenging to give a gift to someone unless you do not know them well and it can be a big issue to think over again and again to find the best gift for them. At this spot, a new aspect of gift comes forward. The gift cards!


A gift card can be simply described as a prepaid card with a certain amount of money inside. It has different names such as gift certificate in North America, or gift voucher or gift token in the UK. No matter how you name it, the gift cards come in different types with pros and cons pointing out key features like flexibility and fees in the sector. These are:  

Single Store Gift Cards

Probably the oldest type we have known and they are redeemable at any store within a specific brand or merchant. You can easily use them in any amount and they are super easy to buy. Just go to the cashier and grab one! Some of the most popular single store gift cards are Amazon gift cards, Zara gift cards, Sephora gift cards, Ikea gift cards and Chipotle gift cards. 

Family of Stores Gift Cards

Unlike single store gift cards, these cards can be used at any store within a family of stores. This means a bit more flexibility than single store gift cards. For example when you buy a Gap Options gift card, this card can be utilized in Gap, GapMaternity, Athleta, Old Navy, babyGap, GapKids, and Banana Republic. Therefore, the recipient will not be tied to one brand and have the chance to explore the other stores in the company portfolio.

“Any Store” Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards

These are the ones with the most flexibility. Being provided by Visa and Mastercard, these gift cards aren’t merchant-specific and they can be easily used at any store, airline, station or restaurant accepting these card providers at checkout.


The demand for gift cards has risen rapidly in recent years. According to the latest research, statistics show that almost 1 out 3 customers spend more on them than a traditional gift and 80% of consumers have received a digital or physical gift card as a holiday present in 2020. These are remarkable results to consider placing gift cards for e-commerce businesses. They have spectacular advantages for online shopping sites. Let’s have a look.

Boost your sales!

During the holiday season, everyone needs to spend extra time choosing the perfect gifts for their beloved ones. When you provide gift cards, you will increase your ecommerce revenue by giving a selection of well-designed gift cards to your customers searching for a suitable last-minute present.

Free Advertisement!

Expand your brand awareness for those who are not familiar with your services and products. A physical/digital gift card carrying a business logo engraved will promote you to the others and ensure free brand display every time the subject card is used.  

Get connected with your consumers!

To create customer loyalty, gift cards can be incorporated into the online shopping loyalty program to inspire you shoppers to come back and make various purchases. You can also provide special gift cards with personalized designs to convert them into something more special and fashionable.


It is undeniable that gift card usage will increase even more in the near future. 


So why not add them to your checkout options? 


Create your gift card portfolio to take advantage of puzzling consumers who have no idea what to purchase for their families and friends. 


Catch the day while it is not late yet. 

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