Travel Cards or Cash: What Is The Best for Travellers?

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”


Frankly tourism, in the common perception of today, is a brand new concept for our civilization. If we do not count the pilgrimages, humankind has been travelling for pleasure since the middle of the 19th century. In the recent fifty years, with the rapid increase in welfare level after WW2, travelling has converted into something needed and desired by everyone. Today, it is accepted as a kind of investment for yourself. Just like learning a new language or handcraft. 


There is nothing like spectacular voyage memories. Walking to a piazzale in Verona, swimming in a Greek island, coming across a Caravaggio painting in a Maltese cathedral, visiting Louvre museum, taking a boat tour in Thames, witnessing Northern Lights and all other wonders you can experience worldwide. The earth is ready to be explored by you. But are you ready?


Sadly, earning these memories and leaving your comfort zone come with a price. You need to be careful when you are carrying much-needed travel money. We are sure that you have heard various nightmare stories about lost and stolen items. A camera can be replaceable, a cell phone or a luggage. But what if it is all your holiday money when you are on the other side of the world? This scenario, unfortunately, is coming true somewhere at the moment you are reading this article. But how to avoid this situation? 


This is the very point where the Travel Card concept steps in. These customized cards are a version of prepaid cards. You can load your travel card in advance and you can utilize it on all your journeys. But why travel cards and not cash or credit cards? 

You can not go very far with a bag of cash. 

Besides its difficulty to carry and constant concern to keep it safe, most of the European borders require declaration for amounts more than €10,000. Who carries this much cash in a bag? Let’s accept, travel cards and credit cards are 1-0 on this subject. These are tiny cards which you can carry in your mobile phone case even.

You may need multiple currencies.  

Whether you are visiting European destinations or exotic countries such as the Philippines or Peru, you must convert your travel money into another currency. In order to do this, you 

will need to search for an exchange office during your holiday, check the exchange rates and decide how much you must exchange. Then if you need more, the same exhausting loop again. But if you decide to own a travelcard, your card provider will exchange your money into new currency automatically. Furthermore, it will be much more secure than a 3 m2 exchange office in the corner.  

The effort to have one.

To open a bank account is a messy and challenging process. But you can easily order the travel card online and receive it in a few days. Thus, you will have more time to focus on the trip instead of gathering financial documents that the bank requires. 

What if you are robbed?

Cash is stolen. No way to save it. Travel credit cards are gone. You may have new ones after a hassle of applying for new bank cards and a long duration. How about travel cards? Travel cards have 24/7 customer assistance provided to ensure your card is replaced quickly, and you have access to emergency funds. In this scenario, surely, the winner is travel cards.

Track your spending!

The easiest way to track your spending is a method which provides the best online application. Although logging into an online banking system is a difficult task, most travel card applications recognize your fingertips in seconds. You can see all your transaction history on the screen with detailed information and control your budget on your trip.

Our comprehensive e-wallet, Jeton also provided you a prepaid card, JetonCash that you may benefit with its usability and ease in your memorable voyages. Once you create a Jeton account, your card will be sent to you in a few days. Furthermore, thanks to our exclusive and seamless application, you will never need to worry about unpleasant surprises when you are travelling. 


Just enjoy! 


Bon Voyage!

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