Wire Transfer vs. ACH

If there is only one pearl of wisdom COVID-19 pandemic taught us over the last 2 years of global turmoil, it is that less contact is better at least when it is not essential. E-commerce is nothing new now since the WWW bubble burst all over the world, growing at a steady pace. For instance, retail e-commerce volume had peaked at 3.354 billion USD by 2019 in a pandemic-free environment with a 12% increase compared to the previous year and, not really surprisingly, 2020 volume saw an explosive acceleration of 22% that registered 4.280 billion USD being spent worldwide.

Non-cash solutions are equally adept at embracing the new solutions to the new order – e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, non-bank financial services, all are facilitating the quicker, less costly and less intimate ways of transferring money around. Despite their dazzling advent, two well-aged options are still in use and looking to be with us for more years to come. Yes, indeed, wire transfer and Automated Clearing House (ACH) are options that are the most common examples of electronic fund transfer and we would like to clarify how they perform and perform against each other.

What is ACH (Automated Clearing House)?

The 40-year old ACH is in its prime years just like a gentleman. Processed by a clearinghouse, a domestic network helps money move from banks or financial institutions to another. Ordered and processed in daily “batches”, the procedure is fully automatic allowing ACH transfers to be less expensive and comparably fast.

What is Wire Transfer?

The good old wire transfer is between two banks – there is not an intermediary such as an automated clearing house to process the transaction which expedites it in case of, for example, getting a handsome sum of loan to purchase a property where speed is essential. The electronic transfer of funds via wiring also makes sure both the recipient and the sender are informed about the finalization of the transaction.

So what sets these two old generation electronic money transfer methods apart?

Wire Transfer and ACH Difference

Despite both of them sharing the same element in their core, the electronic transfer of funds, wire transfers are completed instantaneously since it is processed between two banks whereas the intermediary in ACH transfers might cause a delay of 1-3 days although next-day claims are becoming more of a trend with them recently.

Cost-wise, ACH transfers outperform wire transfers since they charge very low fees, if not completely free, as opposed to the latter costing both the sender and the recipient.

When some money leaving or expected by your account is in question, security is hard to ignore. ACH scores yet another one over wire transfers here. That is not to say you have to feel uncomfortable with wire transfers from now on, it is just that the clearinghouses in ACH method run the request through additional layers of regulations, security checks and whatnot, ensuring the transaction is legit. This also enables ACH transfers to be reversible in case something is wrong or missing whereas wire transfers lack such flexibility.

While Automated Clearing House processes require a clearinghouse to do all the work without any banks involved, a wire transfer is definitely handled between banks to conclude.

Another, final perk of ACH method is that individuals or businesses may request transfers as well as being able to send them which is restricted to senders only with a wire transfer.

To conclude, when speed is the priority wire seems like a better option and otherwise, as long as it is available, ACH transfers might offer a more tempting experience. If you possess more digitally-oriented inclinations, though, you might want to switch to next-gen payment methods like Jeton eWallet. Since these two heavy money transfer methods are the ancient versions of fund transfer, you can be stunned how smooth and hassle-free our Jeton money transfers are. Besides, our Jeton mobile application is perfectly designed with a user-friendly interface where you can operate all your transactions safely, view detailed transfer history anytime and direct regular payments. 

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