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Travelling has always been one of the biggest desires in human nature. To explore new places, to be struck with admiration of fantastic landscapes and to see the ancient artifacts of our history. This basic instinct leads millions of travellers to go further and further everyday. Surely, there is nothing more impressive to spend your money on than voyages. 

But how about the issues you may come across on your way?


What is the worst thing that can happen on an abroad trip? Probably most of the travellers will answer ‘’Theft!’’. Stolen belongings, especially wallets, can ruin your whole journey and expose your financial and personal information to unknown malicious attempts. Your holiday money has gone and you have no idea what to do in the middle of an unknown city! 

Frightening, right? 


In the end of the 1960s, the youth of Europe found a philosophical path ending in Tehran or Kathmandu. This dangerous overland journey to travel through South Asia was called Hippie Trail. To carry a bag of cash from Amsterdam to Nepal would be probably the stupidest thing anyone could do. And nobody did! The so-called Hippies were not carrying cash with them, but pre-stocked cheques that they could exchange in the cities on the route. It was much safer, easier and functional than all alternatives. These cheques were the predecessors of today’s prepaid cards. The idea of owning a bag of cash as big as a palm. No fear of being robbed, putting your life in danger to save your money or the unbearable constant worry during a once-in-a-lifetime trip.


Today, the innovative banking system does not forget the adventurers. The “opened-loop prepaid cards” carry a provider logo like MasterCard and Visa. Think of these cards as regular debit cards where you can use them in every store, ATM and online website accepting these providers. You can also prefer disposable travel cards which will serve the safety apprehensions instead of carrying travel cash with you just like any prepaid card.


In a system where you have various choices for travel cards, it is not easy to find the most suitable one meeting your needs. We are aware and also here to help you! What are the criterias you need to check to choose the best travel card?

Co-branded cards or General travel cards? 

Co-branded cards belong to specific airlines or hotel chains. They can be redeemed only with that company. Although this may limit your options, these cards also provide you advantageous perks such as free lounge use, discounted checked bags and priority boarding for airlines, or totally free upgrades in room types and bonus amenities at partnered hotels. If you are into an airline or hotel name and you always use the same companies, the wiser option would be Co-branded cards.

Get Covered!

Most of the credit card issuers offer lost luggage insurance, rental car coverage, accident insurance, ticket cancellation coverage, emergency assistance and comprehensive healthcare. Pick one which is experienced and prestigious in the sector.

Bear in mind to travel internationally! 

Although Visa or Mastercard are accepted just about everywhere, some of the card issuers may not comprise overseas or specific countries. Many travel cards may ask for extra fees on purchases in foreigner currencies other than yours. Typically running to about 3% of every purchase, these fees can be really disturbing in total. If you are an international traveller, you better choose one that does not charge you for the privilege. You can always ask customer services for the transaction fees for a certain amount and currency.  

Do not miss out on high rewards and bonuses!

A beneficial travel card will offer tasty rewards and miles upto 1.5% to 2% for each purchase. These rewards can be easily used in hotel options, plane tickets, free taxi offers and free restaurant vouchers. If you register a card issuer with an annual fee, you may have even better sign-up bonuses. For instance, a sign-up bonus could translate into a free round-trip flight or a night in a 5-stars hotel. Please note that the higher the annual fee of the company, the higher the sign-up bonus should be.


Here, in Jeton, we understand your concerns and serve you quite effective solutions. Our prepaid card, JetonCash has all the advantages you are looking for. Eventually, by using our customer-friendly application, you will have the chance to monitor your payments moment-to-moment and never lose track of money in your journeys. 


Join in today and get a JetonCash Card to convert your next trip into a tranquil pleasure. 

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