How to Use Jeton Wallet in Malaysia

Online Money Transfer in Malaysia

It’s not going to be a surprise if we say that e-wallets are one of the best inventions of the 21st century. They’re quick and easy, allowing people to make money transfers and payments with a single tap or a click on the computer.
An e-wallet can be defined as an electronic or online device that allows transactions to be made via a computer or smartphone.
Most e-wallets, like Jeton, are protected with passwords or identification making the use of it more secure than the traditional methods.
These days, one can pay for just about anything with e-wallets, including groceries, clothes, flight tickets, gadgets and others.
In Malaysia, e-wallets are a growing trend. More and more people are starting to use digital wallets to pay for bills, food, tolls, petrol, groceries and retail expenses.
E-money transactions amounted to 1.4 million in volume and RM10.6 billion in value as of January to August 2019, according to Bank Negara Malaysia data.
Many industry experts regard Malaysia as a prime market for the growth of e-wallets, due to its high potential and favourable demographics to boost e-wallet adoption in the country.
The usage of e-wallets also opens the door for many discounts and promotions from merchants, which Malaysians appear to be particularly inclined towards.
So why should Malaysian people use Jeton Wallet instead of traditional financial services? Read about some of the advantages Jeton can offer.

Best Way to Transfer Money

1) Hassle free and secure transactions.
2) Fast transfer speed
3) Manage account online and top up online.
4) Cheap fees

Steps to Register to Jeton Wallet

1) Open or download the Jeton app from the App Store or Google Play
2) Follow the onscreen registration process by filling your details and a strong password
3) Complete Verification process by providing an ID and a proof of address
4) Once your account is ready you can fund your wallet. You have different depositing methods depending on the country of residence

How to Send and Receive Money with Jeton

To send and receive money with Jeton all you need is the recipient’s email address and phone number that they registered with or simply send money to a certain Jeton User ID.

You can even send money to someone who is not a registered Jeton member. The person will receive a notification either an SMS or an email depending on the chosen way to send them money. They can access their money by registering a Jeton account.

Start using Jeton Wallet today for a hassle free and low cost money transfer service.


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