How to Use Jeton in The Maldives

In a geographically dispersed country like Maldives, unavailability or the quality of various services is the main concern for the citizens of the Islands. There are 199 inhabited Islands, plus 80 islands with tourist resorts in 26 coral atolls. Developing technological advancements across the globe has reached people of these Islands with availability of internet services (fibre optic, 3G, 4G, etc.) and easier access using smartphones. But they lack access to very useful sectors in the society using latest technologies such as medical services, education, banking and payment service which takes ages to reach them and continue using traditional methods. Even in the capital city, Male’, there are challenges on using some of the services like banking and payment service. This is where the use of e-wallets helps remove the hassle of traditional money transferring methods.

The Importance of E-wallets like Jeton

It is a proven fact that e-wallets are the best way to go cashless and make spending money easier without having hard cash. Maldivian have understood the importance of e-wallets and many of them have applied using them too.

Why choose Jeton Wallet?

There are many reasons why Jeton is the best way to transfer money abroad. One of them is transparency. With the help of Jeton it becomes easy to trace transactions completely. Every money spend or received will be mentioned in the transaction section and you will be able to check it anytime.

Instant Transactions – Compared to more traditional methods available in The Maldives, Jeton is smooth and performs fast transactions. Other providers deal with larger transactions which consumes a lot of time while Jeton usually carry out smaller transactions. This makes transfer of money easy and that within lesser time.

Safer – This system is much safer. This is because mostly people put in a few amount of money in the wallet which they need for coming few days. This means there is a very low risk of loses in case your account gets hacked or you lose your account for some unforeseen circumstances. This means you can use Jeton without having to worry about losing larger amount of your life’s savings.

Better customer response – Most physical financial institutions have a standard working hours and it is not possible to get response in case you don’t fall into it. For some serious issues you will need to take some time out of your day and walk into bank to get your issue solved. With Jeton you will not be left behind. We offer a seamless communication channel which can help you stay connected and get answers in case of any query.

How to Send and Receive Money in The Maldives

Sending and receiving Money to and from The Maldives is not complicated with Jeton. After registration and verification you can send money by entering the email, phone number or Jeton User ID of the recipient. As simple as that!

Try Jeton for its fast speed transfers, cheap fees and security.


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