How to Use Jeton Wallet in Bulgaria

If you’ve visited Bulgaria recently you probably noticed that there is an increase use of mobile phone and wearable device payments. Online transfers, payments via online and mobile banking are becoming more and more popular.

These methods are already used daily and most people perceive them as quick, comfortable and secure.
The Bulgarian consumer already uses a great variety of payment methods. There are many factors for choosing a financial product. What people value most is the security of payments, low maintenance fees and fast processing of the transactions.

Why Choose Jeton?

Jeton is quickest, most convenient, and safest digital wallet where thousands of customers will have their smart money to transfer to family and friends, exchange different currencies, shopping, online payments and more.
With Jeton, you enter the world of payments that happen in seconds. You can shop with Jeton on different e-commerce sites/ apps and gaming services.
We are on a mission to get thousands of merchants both in organized and unorganized sector to be a part of the digital payments ecosystem.
Jeton makes your life easy and comfortable. Jeton will facilitate you in every aspect. It helps you to make your transactions right from your mobile, computer or tablet.
With Jeton you can:

Money Transfer (Send & Receive)
Shop Online
Exchange Money

How to Open a Jeton Wallet from Bulgaria

You don’t have a Jeton account? Open a new door of online transactions with your Jeton Wallet.
1. Click on Sign Up
2. Enter your mobile number, email address and create a strong password followed by your first and last name.
3. Enter the verification code you received as an SMS on your mobile.
4. Go through the verification process by taking a photo of your ID and a proof of address. The additional verification is important in order to prevent fraud and to help you during account recovery process.

By finishing these steps your account will be created successfully and you can now fund it with the various depositing methods within the platform.

How to Send Money from Bulgaria

If you live abroad and want to send money to friends and family in Bulgaria you can do that by entering the recipients email address or phone number. Make sure these are the ones he registered their Jeton with. Usually, transferring money between Jeton accounts is instant.
If you are the receiver, again, you need to provide the sender with your email address, phone number or Jeton User ID. It’s as simple as that.

Use Jeton for a cashless, hassle-free experience to send and receive money around the world, while travelling and a lot more!


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