How to Send Money to Bulgaria

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According to migration experts, more and more Bulgarians are “settling into mobility”. Better incomes are the main reason why Bulgarians decide to leave or return home. Their migration projects are not final and are often transformed – for example, educational mobility can grow into family migration, temporary working abroad can lead to permanent establishment, or else successful realisation abroad can be continued with successful realisation in the homeland.
The huge emigration wave of Bulgarians, is definitely a loss of demographic, social, educational and democratic capital, but paradoxically also contributes to the country’s development through significant remittances. Bulgarian emigrant’s remittances exceed foreign direct investment.
Family members sending money to Bulgaria plays an important role as a source of household income and are considered as a stable source. On the other hand, eWallets have revolutionised the market habits in Bulgaria. Transactions are becoming more digital with more people adopting to digital wallets because of their ease and pace of operation.

The Best Way to Send Money Online to Bulgaria

Jeton is an online financial service that transfers money in a fast, cheap and secure way. It is a pre-equipped electronic wallet which, just like a real wallet, is used by the customers to transact immediately (and safely). While online and mobile banking has been around for a long time, Jeton have made it even easier and faster to transact online.

Jeton provides its customers with:

Reduced effort and risk of handling cash
Shortened transaction times
Low money transfer costs.
Money transfer to anyone with a Jeton account instantly. .
Easy financial transfers between Jeton Wallet accounts and bank accounts.
Ability to use your Jeton Wallet balance to pay for goods online.
Low Cost currency exchanges.
The quickest, cheapest and easiest method to receive money from abroad.
Increased security, flexibility and reliability in transaction processing

How to Send Money to Bulgaria

Send money online in 3 easy steps:
1. Register a Jeton account or log in
Registering to Jeton Wallet is quick and straightforward. For those of you wanting a step-by-step guide please check ‘How to sign up to Jeton’.
2. Select a receiver
Choose who do you want send the money to by entering their Jeton email address, phone number or User ID. Next choose how they want to receive it and how much you want to send.
3. Choose your payment method.
You can pay by card or directly from your bank account.

Best Money Transferring App to Use in Bulgaria

Jeton’s app now makes it faster and easier to send money worldwide.
– Send money
– Log in with your fingerprints
– Manage your personal information
– View your transaction history

The app is available both both on iOS and Android device.