How to Shop Safely Online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Bells are ringing for Black Friday!!! 

The most awaited time of the year is almost here! Are you ready to take advantage of exceptional sales and irresistible offers? Probably, you delayed buying that air fryer or smart vacuum cleaner with the expectation of finding it more affordable on Black Friday. It makes sense because almost all online shopping sites and brands schedule super deals for this particular day of the year! Actually, although it sounds like “the day”, in most cases, it takes almost all weekend and sometimes even the whole next week. But what makes this day so unique? Why is it not in April or any other date?

To clear the clouds, Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. So this very date may differ according to when Thanksgiving is dated and officially when the Christmas shopping season begins. A question pops up referring to the word “Black” inherently. Since the adjective has always been a mark of dramatic historical events, it may sound awkward for other cultures. The reason is the high rate of employees calling in sick for a day off after the Thanksgiving holiday. It does not sound weird now, right? We thought so!

Have you ever watched some of those store openings in the United States with abundant people flowing through? A kind of craze! It is a bit alarming to witness hundreds of them running inside dangerously. Not to provoke these types of disturbing scenes, many stores spread the discounted sales to other days instead of offering a single day. In addition to Black Friday, you may undergo colloquial terms like Cyber Monday or Cyber Week on ads. 

Points to be paid attention to on Black Friday!

OK! It is one of the most profitable days of the whole year to shop in-store or online, and an average discount can fall around 30% off compared to the rest of the year. This percentage may rise to almost 60-70% savings on Black Friday and Cyber Week. So you are absolutely right to pause for this date if you do not require something urgently. However, too many cooks spoil the stew. In these vertiginous discounts and chaotic commercials, you may lose track and not keep in mind that your primary concern must be “to shop safely“.

We formulated a bullet list for our readers to protect them from slanted discounts, phishing, and probable perils by third parties. 

  • Maybe it is not a discount at all!

This is an ancient trick for merchants to state the item costs much more than the price offered. Refrain from believing the reddish “X’ed out” price tags and do your own search by googling the certain good with an average price range. The result can shock you!

  • The website’s URL tells a lot!

You can not even reckon how many rigged websites are out there, waiting for your pensive moment. These websites can be easily detected through their URL addresses. A secure one will carry an additional ‘S’ to the “http://” and a lock symbol at the beginning of the address bar. Just like ours here! 

Hence, whilst inserting your credit card details or any personal data online, be sure that the website is genuine and the browser address has the specifications we stated above. Otherwise, both your personal and financial information can be visible to hackers. The result can be catastrophic! 

  • Use a reliable and exhaustive Internet security tool!

Nowadays, numerous cyber safety firms present their thorough cybersecurity and anti-virus provider programmes. Select one wisely with premium protection against all cyber threats and keep the subject programme updated. This assistance can be your rescuer when they forewarn you of any potential red alert rather than secure payments

  • Even the best can make oversights!

We have glimpsed tremendous leaks from the most relied online shopping giants recently. Despite spending millions of dollars on their precautions and units, all the data is attacked repeatedly. The most common way they use is SSL encryption, a protocol jamming up the entire circulating data and making it unthinkable for third parties to read. You can find out if the website operates this vital element by scrolling down the page.

  • Do not be phished!

Because they send the email to your personal mail address, it does not mean the source is safe. Do not click any link proclaiming a fantastic deal or offer, and avoid downloading any file attached to the email. These links may direct you to a fraudulent website created to seize a victim’s personal and financial information. These phishing emails and websites often contain doubtful text styles, spelling and grammatical errors. Read everything cautiously to spot before tapping on them.

  • Use a Prepaid Card!

A prepaid card is like a certain amount of cash to use in your purchases for safe payments. When you utilise these disposable virtual or plastic cards, you will be shielded against many hazards of the Internet. Initially, gateways via these cards can only charge you the amount you have inside. Even though – perish the thought -you will not risk a lot, such as your total credit card limit. Moreover, you do not have to enter your personal details like your name either. These prepaid cards or Vouchers can be found in online stores in addition to stands near the market cashiers.

Jeton for a safer Black Friday!    

We understand how paramount it is for our users to be satisfied on Black Friday with no worries for their protection. That’s why we constructed a superb digital wallet, Jeton Wallet, with extra security benchmarks which are impossible to pass. All the data in our services are encrypted from the top on down, no matter if it is internal or between us and the e-commerce site.  

Furthermore, our prepaid card, JetonCash, presents the opportunity of shopping online without leaving financial information. You can also find your JetonCash in your local currency among +50 various fiat currencies. Some of the official reseller sites are:

Therefore, Jeton Wallet has your back! Relish your Black Friday freely. May the biggest discounts be with you!

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