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After all these years in the international arena, we, the Jeton family, still have our excitement and passion like the very first day we started. As an establishment admiring devotion, we are good at finding our soulmates, whether they are in sports or business. The Tigers of Hull City is one of them! 

Moreover, it is no secret how our inner team is the greatest fan of English Football and the Premier League. Actually, it is hard not to be fascinated by the influence of English clubs in world football history since the late 1800s. The everyday question of “How Football became the most popular sport ever?” can be simply replied, “Thanks to the efforts of English game lovers to standardise the divergent forms and broaden it to the world.” 

And it’s Hull City,

Hull City F.C.,

We’re by far the greatest team,

The world has ever seen…

Hull City AFC is much more than a football club! We are talking about a vibrant team that walked on water and achieved reaching the Premier League by passing three leagues in 5 years. Yes! This devotion is legendary, unique, and totally astonishing! To climb giant ladders in such a brief time, Hull Tigers merit a big pat on the back for their immersive effort.

Following the game’s peak in the United Kingdom and then in Europe, Hull City has witnessed this competitive arena for more than a century. The club’s chronology, the colossal fight it gave, and its ups and downs all these years are not only majestic but also uplifting for many football lovers. Let’s take a short voyage to the old days of Hull City Tigers. 

Born as a Small Local Team but reached the Premier League. 

“City Till We Die”

Tigers’ story was initiated in Hull, located in the northeast of England and well-known for its fish from the river. The welcoming people of Hull were busy feasting on fish & chips and watching Rugby games at the end of the 19th century. The so-called “stronghold of rugbyism” was so conquering that this small city was home to 2 rugby teams, Hull F.C. and Hull Kingston Rovers. The originators of Hull were highly aware of the unquestionable dominance of close contact “Rugger”, yet they stepped forward to assemble a football team in Hull in July 1904.

Hull City football team played its initial competitive game on 17 September 1904, resulting in a 3-3 Draw. After passing 44 friendly fixtures, the team leapt into the Football League Second Division for the 1905-06 season and finalised it as a fifth. You may wonder who was in this subject league back then. Well, their names are not alien to football lovers; Chelsea, Manchester United, Yorkshire, Leeds City, and Barnsley. 

In 1930, after the harsh recession in every sport during the First World War, Hull attained the F.A.Cup and acquired the semi-final match, in which it lost 1–0 against Arsenal. After the Second World War’s wreckage, Hull City moved to Boothferry Park and “Yo-yoing” years began among English football’s second and third tiers.  

Until the early years of the 1980s, through its turbulence, The Tigers faced solemn financial issues and came to the edge of collapse. The season called “The Great Escape” by The Tigers Fans spun off. Against all odds, the club managed to exit from a status which would lead to certain closure. This was just the onset. Hull City would soon rise from its ashes like a gorgeous Phoenix in flames. 

After 56 years of ups and downs, Hull repositioned to the new 25,400-seater K.C. Stadium. Somehow, the new location was a charm, and The Tigers became the runners-up in League One the following year. They participated in the second tier of English football, the Championship, in the 2005-06 season. The team’s dedicated devotees had boosted their hopes for more enormous successes with the ray of sunshine outcomes after dark days.

With its new chairman Paul Duffen and manager, Phil Brown, Hull City came to the highest division in English Football, the majestic Premier League, which has always been a pursuit for any football club from any subdivision. This remarkable ascent is unique when we consider Hull City being at the bottom of the 4th tier of the English Football League just five seasons ago. 

In the international arena, the Tigers participated in the UEFA Europa League on 31 July 2014; unfortunately, Belgian and Slovakian teams defeated Hull and concluded the foremost raid into European football. 

Following in-and-out years in League One and Premier League, Turkish media tycoon Acun Ilicali bought the team behind prolonged negotiations and affirmed that Shota Arveladze would be the new head coach on 19 January 2022.

“I am optimistic we will make a team we are all dreaming of,” states the 52-year-old chairman and adds, “Fans were waiting for new times, and I have come here to make Hull people happy. It is a big responsibility on my shoulders.”

Jeton Wallet For Hull City!

Hard not to be enchanted by the impressive history of The Tigers. Constructing a legend from ground zero. Fighting back against all financial crises and gaining the top after a long wrangle! This is why we feel extra thrilled to announce to our readers that Jeton Wallet has become the official e-Wallet partner of Hull City Association Football Club. 

From now on, Tigers fans can purchase memberships, replica kits, event tickets, jerseys, hoodies, Homeware, memorabilia with genuine signatures, DVDs, badges, keyrings, goalkeeper gloves and many more by using Jeton as their method on the online store payment gateway in Jeton Wallet will provide hassle-free and steadfast pay to stand beside their team to the fullest. We vigorously believe in the outstanding triumphs of Hull City for the upcoming matches. Then, it is time to chant the finest anthem out there; 

And it’s Hull City,

Hull City F.C.,

We’re by far the greatest team,

The world has ever seen…

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