Top 10 Shopping Tips You Need to Know Before Black Friday Arrives!

Let’s be frank! We all love Black Friday deals! Chance to buy almost everything cheaper! To own this so-called “wondrous” smartphone, that gorgeous blue Desigual dress, to book our plane tickets for Peru we have always dreamed of, or even to take our yearly streaming service membership! They are all included in the Black Friday pack! But what is Black Friday exactly? 

Black Friday is a colloquial phrase for the Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States. It was just an ordinary day back at the beginning of the 1950s. Then companies and brands defined this particular day with the adjective “Black”. Probably you all wonder why to anoint a lucky day with the colour marking upsetting events. Actually, this is also the very day with a rising rate of employees calling in sick. It makes a kind of sense now. Right?

Black Friday dates may alter depending on when Thanksgiving is. So for a provision of a specific date, you better check the holiday calendar. Nobody would like to bypass the most advantageous time of the year, so shopping in-store and online can get pretty chaotic and perplexing. The companies outstretch the deals to avert pilled-up demands and deliver a smoother shopping venture to a broader time. So, you may also glimpse Cyber Monday or Cyber Week nowadays instead of suggesting one day.    

How to shop wisely during this season? What are the points we must pay extra attention to? Do the stores truly show the best price? Is shopping online better than in-store? In the rest of the article, our readers will uncover convenient Black Friday shopping tips to take advantage of this kaleidoscopic day to the fullest.

  • Security comes first!

If you choose online shopping, keep in mind that the Internet is full of wonders but also frauds and hackers. Pick a prestigious, reliable e-commerce site for secure online payments with an SSL encryption protocol jamming all the circulating data and making it unreadable to third parties. 

Another critical point is to avoid clicking any link in your email directing you to another site. Always write the official page to the address bar, and be sure that the URL address contains an additional ‘S’ to the “http://” along with a lock symbol. Just like this one you are in now! 

  • Is it an actual discount?

Do not let the enormous red “X’ed out” price tags trick you. Most websites may sugarcoat their offers by claiming it is a “wow slash”. Browse the item’s average price and be sure that Black Friday prices match your search result. Your quick search can surprise you!

  • Remove the cookies and cache!

While you browse a website, like in Chrome, the browser fetches some information from websites to preserve in its cookies and cache. These cookies remind the websites who you are, what you have been searching for, and many other saved preferences. 

This trick may save significant money, especially on plane tickets and hotel bookings. Since the airline company cannot remember which destination you were chasing for, it will present the lowest price. Or you can simply browse through trustworthy VPN software, which will make you invisible.

  • Why wait “the day”?

If it is an item which will ease your life drastically, you can choose to purchase it sooner. Statistically, an average discount on Black Friday may drop around 60-70%, but in some end-season sales, you can still find these percentages. So maybe it is not so wise to pause life for a further date.

  • Shop online!

Which is better, in-store or online shopping? Although it looks like a confusing dilemma, it is undeniable that the Internet presents many sale alternatives compared to a shopping mall. Moreover, when you download the mobile applications of brands, you can take extra discounts or free shipping, which can be the cherry on top!

  • Read the return policy!

Talking about free shipping, return or refund policies of online stores may differ from one to another. In some cases, return shipping is free of charge; in others, the buyer can be responsible for shipping. If you are chasing the sales for a refrigerator or 85-inch TV, free shipping and free return regulations can be pretty advantageous. So, please read all Terms & Conditions text carefully so as not to face any unpleasant consequences.  

  • Sign up for loyalty programs!

Most stores offer a loyalty card in which you can accumulate points every time you purchase an item. These points can be converted into coupons, sales, occasional promos, or cash. So it can be a good idea to subscribe to the newsletter for special Black Friday shopping alerts.

  • Mingle with social media!

You know what they say, “Nowadays, social media reigns our lives!”. You may think it is an exaggeration, but social media is a great medium to follow the latest news. You can track your favourite brands’ official social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can find the hottest exclusive deals and promos in their feeds, stories, and posts. Plus, when you like, follow them, or mention their name in your posts, they often reward you with special discounts. So spread the word and earn!

  • Request wholesale!

Are you looking for cat food in many kilos? Shampoos? Anti-ageing creams? Some items are used on a daily basis, and it can be worthwhile to stock them since you will repurchase them sooner or later. Thus, not to miss the charming doorbuster sales, you can contact the retailer for a better offer or free shipping if not included already. Here, the important point is whether they are durable consumer goods or have a close expiry date.

  • Stay within your budget!

We know how difficult it is to stop when you see your favourite skincare brand or magnifique perfume at 50% sale. But, you have to limit yourself not to cross your credit card amount. In this type of issue, a prepaid card can help you only spend what you have. Since they are sold in specific amounts, it will be easier for you to create a budget and stick to it.

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Enjoy Black Friday safely and thoroughly. May the biggest discounts be with you!

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