How to Send Money to Honduras

Transfer Money to Honduras

Like other Central American nations, Honduras has been experiencing a large wave of exodus in the last few decades. Millions of people live away from their families. A direct consequence of this exodus are remittances, which expats routinely send to their families in the form of small money transfers. From a macroeconomic standpoint, these funds have since become crucial to the survival of the country. The remittances account for more than 20 percent of the gross domestic product.
So how can Hondurans make sure that they use the best money transfer service

Jeton Wallet has been on the market for several years now, providing a range of personal money transfer services to the people of Honduras. With many Hondurans now living around the world, Jeton is giving migrant Hondurans a quick, safe and cheap way to send money to family and friends back home.

Why Jeton is The Best Way to Send Money?

Jeton’s service offers:
– Global connectivity – we are a truly global family operating in more than 190 countries.
– Cheap fees – transfer online and save on the transactional fee. Make sure you get the best value when sending money to your family.
– Online Security – you can be confident your money is secure when using Jeton to do a transfer to Hong Kong.
– Great support team
– We are trusted – over  500,000 customers worldwide trust us with their global money transfer needs .

How to Send Money with Jeton?

With Jeton, you can send money to Honduras from more than 190 countries around the world. The first step is to open a free Jeton account, which doesn’t take long. You will only need to verify your account by taking a picture of your ID or yourself and provide a proof of address.
After you’re all set up you will be able to use our money transfer services.
In order to send money to family or friends you will need to have their email address or phone number they registered their account with. If they are not a Jeton Wallet holders you can still send them money. We will notify them that they have funds waiting for them to be accessed and after they register they can withdraw the funds.

Is it Secure?

We’re a regulated financial service provider handling thousands of transactions a month. Our advanced technology ensures your money is always protected and arrives safely every time you send money.


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