How to Open an Account With Jeton

Join over 500,000 people who have already signed up to Jeton.

Opening your account is quick, straightforward and transparent.

To join you need to be at least 18 years old and follow the instruction below:

1.  Visit our home page and click on the Sign Up button.

2.  Get started by filling in the registration form with your correct personal information and a password that contains 8-50 characters, 1 letter, 1 non-letter character and no special characters.

3.  By clicking the Sign Up Button you accept Jeton’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

4. A pop up will then appear prompting you to verify your phone number or email address.

You can now enter the code you received as a message.

When you complete all the required steps you will be redirected to your new account’s page.

To make your account fully functional you will need to verify it.

You can do that by clicking on the VERIFY NOW section.

Next you will need to upload one form of identification (passport, national ID card or driving license) and a choice of the following documents: utility bill, bank statement, residence permit.

Click on the Start Verification section that will lead you to the ID upload page. If you don’t have your document scanned use your webcam to take a photo of it.

On the next section – Address Verification, you will be invited to upload one of the following documents: utility bill, residency permit or bank statement. 

Once you submit all the necessary documents your verification will be pending until we securely process the information.

Due to security reasons, you will only be able to create one account with the same name, e-mail and phone number. Only one personal account is permitted per customer. You may, however, associate more than one bank account and currency accounts with your Jeton account and of course, you may associate any of your individual credit card and bank account details with your account.