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A mari usque ad mare! (Meaning from Sea to Sea in Latin)

The maple tree, beavers, lakes, ice hockey and freezing weather! Are you ready to take a deep dive into the astonishing Canadian dream? With its kind and happy people, as sweet as the famous maple syrup, Canada has managed to create an excellent impression on everyone. Before going deep into how payments work in Canada, we better understand the charm of this land and its people. 

It is a wealthy country in many aspects, from its natural beauty and a stable economy to worldwide known celebrities, including Celine Dion, Justin Bieber and Jim Carrey. Canada might be one of the coldest countries, but their love for good cuisine, local animals and well-mannered people definitely warm our hearts. 

Being the second largest country in the world after Russia and having more than half of the lakes in the world, with over 3 million lakes, Canada is a unique beauty. It sure is as cold as it gets but thanks to the excellent living standards and splendid culture, it has one of the highest immigration rates in the world. The latest researchers show that Canada will have the most prominent rank in immigration applications by 2022. 

Imagine a scenery country with Northern Lights, incredible craft beer, world-famous maple syrup and kind people. Who wouldn’t want to live there? Don’t think we forget about ice hockey! If you live in snow-cold weather most of the year, you will surely get good at winter games. 

Canada has given the world so much more than its love for moose, maple syrup and ice hockey. Let’s talk about famous Canadians! From the most famous actors to the singers with the best voices, Canada has many celebrities to be proud of. Especially in the last decade, Justin Bieber managed to influence teenage girls from everywhere with his sweet smile and romantic songs. I could find a couple of million girls from all over the world who would want to be that “one less lonely girl”. 

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Many other talented people worldwide are from Canada, including Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Celine Dion, Margaret Atwood, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. If you think about it, this shouldn’t be surprising. Naturally, exceptional living standards lead to good education and free time for the arts. 

This lovely land has excellent living conditions thanks to its strong economy. The three primary industries that take up the most percentage in Canada’s economy are the service, manufacturing, and natural resource industries. With the 24th highest nominal per capita income globally and the sixteenth-highest ranking in the Human Development Index, Canadian people have every chance to be happy and polite. 

Canada has impressive statistics in income, job opportunities, education, health, environmental quality, and overall life satisfaction. Canada has a tax-funded universal health care system, meaning any Canadian citizen or permanent resident can apply for public health insurance. 

While every province has different health plans, they are generally accessible in addition to the accessibility of education for every citizen. 

Higher education in Canada isn’t complimentary, but it’s way more affordable than in the United States. It is so far from being only a dream through many job opportunities and high wages. 

Choosing Payment Methods in Canada

Let’s cut the Canada praise short and focus on “How Canadians pay for things”. Canada is a well-developed country with access to new technologies. Even though Canada is not a cash-free country, cash usage has been declining, and the preferred payment methods and practices in Canada started shifting slowly but surely. 

Canadians are science-centred people but can still be considered traditional. Considering that the new Canadian currency is smooth, well-designed and waterproof, it must be a joy to use to pay for a cup of coffee. Some Canadians believe the new banknotes have a sweet maple syrup scent. It cannot get better than this! 

What are the Different Types of Payment Methods in Canada?

  • Credit Cards in Canada

Credit card usage is a commonly prefered method in most of the world, and Canada is not an exception. While Canadians still prefer cash for small transactions, most large transactions are operated using a credit card. The majority of Canadian citizens over 18 own a credit card and choose the convenience of credit and debit cards over cash. While Visa and MasterCard are Canada’s most common credit and debit cards, some exceptions exist, such as Costco Canada only accepting cash or MasterCard and Walmart Canada not accepting Visa credit cards.

  • Cash in Canada

As we mentioned, Canadians still prefer using cash as payment practice in Canada for small transactions below 15 Canadian dollars, and we cannot blame them. In 2011, the Bank of Canada introduced a new series of polymer banknotes. The banknotes are waterproof, smooth, look good, and are a joy to use for smaller payments. If you are travelling to Canada and want to live the authentic Canadian experience, we advise you to get your hands on some cash and enjoy paying for your quality craft beer with the nicest banknotes.

  • Digital Wallets in Canada

Digital wallets offer speed, trustworthiness, and convenience. Furthermore, they serve something traditional bank systems are totally unfamiliar with; Creating an account with no fuss. To open a digital wallet account takes less than ten minutes which is a drop in the bucket compared to snail’s pace account openings in bank branches along with a pile of necessary documents.

Thus, Canadians are having a slow transition towards online wallets. Digital wallet usage in Canada is becoming more and more popular each year. Especially for online payments, around 29% of Canadians, primarily young adults, made a purchase using mobile payment or digital wallets last year. Digital wallets might be one of the best payment methods online, and Canadians being open to technological improvements, the shift is expected to happen in the upcoming years. 

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  • Cryptocurrency in Canada

Everyone in Canada can buy and trade cryptocurrencies legally. However, they are not considered legal assets by the Government of Canada. This means while businesses can prefer to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment at their own risk, the more formal CRA does not take it as a form of payment in terms of taxes. 

For individuals, buying and trading are legal and highly popular. Some of Canada’s most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms are Coinsmart, Wealthsimple Crypto, Shakepay and Netcoins. Since Canadian people are pretty open to innovations and what’s new in any field, soon enough, as in any other developed country, cryptocurrencies might become a more legal payment. This is just a matter of time!

Jeton Wallet in Canada! 

Whadder yup to, Canada?

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