How to Keep Your Money Safe

Jeton knows the importance of keeping your money safe. That’s why we have implemented many security features and obtained security licences to make Jeton secure for everyone.

To begin with, we want to emphasise that Jeton Wallet holds certification from the International Standard Organisation, ensuring the highest levels of cybersecurity. We are also thrilled to announce that we have obtained the Cyber Essentials Plus Certification, demonstrating our commitment to protecting data and assets with the best security measures possible.

Okay, but what can you do further to keep your account safe? Here are a couple of quick reminders for you to continue using your Jeton Wallet with peace of mind:

We’d never ask for your personal information over the phone.
You may be contacted by people who impersonate Jeton online and ask for your personal, financial or login details. 

These imposters may make calls, send messages or reach you over fake social media accounts. Keep an eye out and do not engage with unofficial or unauthorised requests if you receive any.

Jeton securely stores your user ID and the e-mail address you used for registration. That’s why we never request sensitive information over calls, messages or social media channels.

When will you be asked for personal information?

You may only be asked for details on specific cases when you reach our Customer Support over live chat on our website.

What can you do further?

  • You can always check your transaction history from the Transactions tab on the website, and the History section in the app in your Jeton Wallet.
  • Set up a PIN code and activate your device’s two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Turn on notifications for your Jeton Wallet app to monitor your transactions.
  • Always follow the directions and links provided in your Jeton Wallet account or on our official website:

If you suspect you have been scammed or someone is impersonating Jeton, please contact our Customer Support team immediately. Your report will help us identify the threats and take measures to prevent further attempts.

Stay Safe while Making Online Payments with Jeton!

Safeguarding your money is non-negotiable, especially in the digital age. Stay one step ahead of imposters by being cautious and never sharing important information with anybody outside of your trusted channels. Activate security features such as PIN codes and two-factor authentication, and keep an eye on your transactions with our handy alerts.

With Jeton, you can rest assured knowing that your financial security is our top priority. Should you ever detect anything suspicious about your account or your transactions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our skilled Customer Support team. Together, let’s keep your funds safe, one transaction at a time.

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