Jeton Earns the Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

Our simple lives have become increasingly intertwined with the digital world as decades go by. From chatting with friends to managing our finances, everything’s now online. But with all the convenience the internet offers us comes a dark side: rapidly growing cyber threats. Hackers, viruses, fraud, you name it. And that’s where cybersecurity comes into the picture to keep our finances in the digital world safe and sound.

In an age where digital landscapes evolve at lightning speed, cybersecurity has become the cornerstone of trust and reliability for businesses and their clientele. Enter Jeton, a leading name in the digital payments sector, which just passed a major cybersecurity test and achieved the prestigious Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

More than a badge, the Cyber Essentials Plus certificate is a testament to Jeton’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding its operations and user data in the increasingly complex world of finance. It ensures that everything from your data to your dough is locked up tight.

In this article, as we dive deep into what Cyber Essentials Plus is and its importance, we’ll explore Jeton’s journey to certification, and discuss the company’s proactive stand on cybersecurity within the vast playground that is the financial sector.

What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

Before we begin, it’s critical to understand what exactly this certificate is all about. According to the British Assessment Bureau, achieving this certification means an organization has been assessed and has met stringent criteria to shield itself and its stakeholders from cyberattacks.

The Cyber Essentials Plus certification isn’t just another achievement in cybersecurity; it’s a thorough, United Kingdom-backed, and industry-recognised framework designed to fortify organisations against a wide array of cyber threats.

This comprehensive certification process evaluates and verifies the effectiveness of an organisation’s cybersecurity measures, ensuring they’re not just in place but actually and actively defending against potential cyberattacks.

By securing this prestigious certification, Jeton has demonstrated a gold-standard level of dedication to cybersecurity, aligned with the best practices and requirements set forth by the Cyber Essentials Plus scheme. Here’s a closer look at what this means for Jeton and, more importantly, for you:

  • Preventing the Most Common Cyber Attacks: Jeton has improved its defences with advanced measures, such as strong boundary firewalls, stringent access controls, and comprehensive patch management systems.

This proactive approach ensures that the most prevalent cyber threats do not gain a foothold within Jeton’s infrastructure, keeping its networks resilient and secure.

  • Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure: Jeton recognises the sensitivity and value of the data and systems it offers and has implemented state-of-the-art systems to shield them from unauthorised access.

    This infrastructure is not just about technology; it’s the backbone of trust and reliability that Jeton’s customers expect from the company. This certification reassures that Jeton’s protective measures are both effective and robust, ensuring the integrity and availability of its services.
  • Minimising the Impact of Security Incidents: In the unlikely event of a cyber attack, our preparedness sets us apart. We are equipped with rapid response protocols and a direct incident management framework that enables us to swiftly identify, contain, and mitigate any potential damage.

    This readiness not only minimises the impact of any security incidents but also exemplifies Jeton’s resilience and ability to safeguard its ecosystem under all circumstances.

Jeton’s Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

Jeton’s recent announcement marks a significant milestone in its journey towards cybersecurity excellence. Achieving Cyber Essentials Plus certification is no small feat. It highlights Jeton’s proactive approach to building a secure environment for its operations and user transactions. This accomplishment sends a clear message: Jeton’s is not just about financial transactions; it’s about conducting those transactions in the safest possible digital environment.

This certification is particularly noteworthy because it goes beyond mere compliance. It reflects a deep-rooted commitment to cybersecurity, highlighting Jeton’s efforts in preempting the most common cyber threats through robust firewalls, stringent access controls, and diligent patch management. Moreover, it showcases the company’s readiness to protect its critical infrastructure and minimize the impact of any potential security incidents swiftly.

Jeton’s Focus on Cybersecurity in Finance

In the realm of finance, where money transfers are the lifeblood of daily operations, the importance of cybersecurity can’t be overstated enough. Jeton’s focus on securing its digital and financial assets speaks volumes about its dedication to users’ trust and regulatory compliance. 

In an industry that is often the target of complicated cyber-attacks, Jeton’s achieving of the Cyber Essentials Plus certification sets a high standard.

Jeton’s cybersecurity strategy is multifaceted, focusing not only on the technical side of security but also human behaviour. It involves continuous education and training for staff, resulting in a culture of security awareness throughout the whole community. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that every layer of Jeton’s operations is fully prepared against potential threats, making security a cornerstone of its business model.

Stay Safe With Jeton’s Cybersecurity Measures!

As we navigate the inner workings of the digital age, the importance of cybersecurity in maintaining the security and trustworthiness of financial services can’t be understated.

Jeton’s achievement of the Cyber Essentials Plus certification is more than a milestone; it’s a clear declaration of the company’s commitment to the highest standards of cybersecurity.

This achievement strengthens Jeton’s position as a secure platform for financial transactions and sets a benchmark for others in the industry. As cyber threats continue to evolve, so too must our payment platforms’ defences.

Jeton’s ahead-of-the-curve approach to keeping things safe online is a game-changer, showing everyone in the money world how it’s done. In these times, when staying safe online is everything, Jeton isn’t just about handling your cash, instead about being a trusted friend in the digital world.

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