Can I Create Several Accounts on

As the digital wallet space matures, more products and services are becoming available to consumers around the world. When it comes to digital wallets, the variety on offering may be overwhelming — so many choices, but what do they all do and what’s the difference?

Here at Jeton we strive to be the leading international e-wallet for money transfers and global purchases. Our mission is to remove all the friction between our customers and their money through a simplified user-friendly interface.

With Jeton Wallet you can keep everything under one roof. All major and local payment methods through one partner with a single contract.

Our strength comes from the cutting edge technology we have implemented in our products and the unparalleled ability to combine those features and technical knowledge. Jeton’s team is global, with a great passion for financial technology, this makes us a diverse, in-depth resource for our clients.

Jeton accounts can be created in one of 50+ supported currencies with 70+ payment methods over 100 countries. Our website is available in 7 different languages (more to come) and as a customer, you enjoy a 24/7 support.

Jeton members get special access to exclusive offers and promotions update every month. When you send money through the Jeton Money Transfer service, you’re protecting yourself with industry-leading secure payment systems.

Thousands of businesses trust Jeton Wallet. Our Business accounts come with simple pricing for your business and with many features for your customers. Customers can deposit, withdraw, send, pay and exchange money easily in one platform with Jeton Wallet.

Optimised for all languages, devices, and screen sizes. It makes paying quick, easy, and secure for customers from any industry, anywhere in the world.

Can You Have More than One Account on

Clearly, there are some excellent arguments for having a few Jeton accounts, but unfortunately, due to security reasons, you will only be able to create one account with the same name, e-mail and phone number. Security is the most important consideration for us as a company.

Only one personal account is permitted per customer. You may, however, associate more than one bank accounts and currency accounts with your Jeton account and of course, you may associate any of your individual credit card and bank account details with your account.

One Wallet, Safety First

Wether you prefer to transfer money or make purchases with your wallet, always keep in mind essential safety measures.
* Make sure you are at the correct website.
* Never share your private information with anyone, and do not use it to check your balance or access your wallet directly.
For more safety tips or concerns you can speak directly with our support team. We are here to help you have the best experience possible!

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