Google Pay Limits and Integration with Jeton

Google Pay, a leading digital payment solution from Google, seamlessly integrates with Jeton Card within Jeton’s mobile app, enhancing your payment experience by simplifying online and in-person transactions with a swipe.

This integration allows you to leverage the convenience of Google Pay while utilising the security and flexibility of Jeton for various transactions, whether you’re shopping online, in-app, or at physical stores.

Google Pay Transaction Limits

When using Google Pay with Jeton, it’s important to understand that Google Pay does not impose inherent limits on the amount you can send or spend in a single transaction. This means you can enjoy the freedom of making large purchases without worrying about hitting a maximum payment cap via Google Pay.

  • Bank and Merchant Limits

Google Pay itself does not impose any restrictions on the number or value of in-store transactions. This flexibility ensures that users can utilize Google Pay for high-value purchases without the constraints of a predefined spending limit.

While Google Pay does not impose transaction limits, individual banks or merchants might have their own restrictions. These could include limits on transaction amounts for specific card or account types, or daily spending caps specific to their policies. When using Jeton with Google Pay, always check if there are any applicable limits set by your bank or the merchant to avoid any inconveniences during payment.

  • Contactless Payment Limits

In the United Kingdom, the contactless payment limit for Google Pay is set at £100. This limit is designed as a fraud prevention measure, requiring you to authenticate payments over £100 using a password, fingerprint, or facial recognition. This ensures security, especially in cases where your phone might be lost or stolen. However, not all retailers may have this limit immediately in place, so carrying a backup payment method is advisable

  • Merchant-Imposed Limits

Despite the absence of limits from Google Pay, individual stores may set their own limits for contactless transactions using Google Pay, similar to the typical £30 limit for standard contactless card transactions in the UK. If your transaction exceeds such merchant-imposed limits, you will be required to authenticate the transaction, usually via a PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition.

Google Pay Transaction Limits: A Collaborative Framework

Every transaction through Google Pay involves a collaboration between Google, your bank, and the retailer. Therefore, while Google Pay does not restrict transaction values, the bank or retailer might impose limits on larger transactions due to security policies or other regulatory requirements

Contactless Payment Regulations in the UK

In the UK, the standard limit for contactless card payments is £30, a measure aimed at minimizing card fraud while accommodating the average supermarket transaction cost, which exceeds £25. Recent changes in the law require that every tilth contactless transaction or daily contactless payment reaching £137 prompt the user to enter their PIN. 

These regulations are designed to enhance security but do not directly impact Google Pay transactions, which are considered more secure than standard contactless card transactions due to their requirement for additional authentication.

Daily Contactless Transaction Limits

The number of allowable daily contactless transactions via Google Pay in the UK is limited to five. After reaching this limit, or after spending a cumulative £300, you’l be required to enter your PIN to continue making contactless payments. This is another layer of security to safeguard your funds

Enjoy In-app and Online Purchases with Google Pay

Google Pay also supports in-app and online purchases when integrated with Jeton Card. This feature has no spending limits, providing you with the flexibility to use Google Pay for various online and app-based transactions. Simply look for the Google Pay option at checkout to proceed with all your payments.

Integrating Google Pay with your Jeton account offers a blend of convenience, security, and flexibility, making it an excellent choice for managing your digital payments. Remember to stay informed about any potential restrictions imposed by your bank or merchants and enjoy the seamless payment experience provided by Google Pay and Jeton.

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