What is a Virtual Card?

Virtual cards are changing the game for shopping and paying bills online. Think of them as a digital version of your regular credit or debit card, but they live on your phone instead of your wallet. This makes buying things online or paying bills super easy and safe.

No need to dig through your wallet for the right card. When you want to buy something or pay a bill, just a few taps on your phone, and you’re done, anytime and anywhere. Plus, as everything’s going digital, virtual cards fit right into this new way of doing things. Virtual cards work well with other online payment methods and make the whole process smooth.

What are Virtual Cards?

A virtual card functions much like your regular debit or credit card but exists only in digital form. Each virtual card comes equipped with a unique 16-digit number, a CV code for added security, and an expiration date, mirroring the features of a physical card but without the physical presence. This digital nature makes virtual cards ideal for online shopping and remote payments, providing a simple and secure payment process.

How Virtual Cards Work

When you create a virtual card through your banking app or payment provider, it’s ready for immediate use online. Virtual cards can also be integrated with digital wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, allowing for convenient contactless payments in stores and ATM cash withdrawals, all from your smartphone. The beauty of virtual cards lies in their ability to keep your actual card and account information hidden during transactions, safeguarding you from fraud.

Virtual Cards and Jeton Wallet

With its innovative technology, Jeton Wallet enables you to manage your virtual cards in a single digital wallet. Thanks to the simplicity offered by Jeton, using your virtual cards is now easier than ever. 

What are Virtual Debit Cards?

Virtual debit cards offer the same secure, convenient features as virtual credit cards but are linked to your bank account. When you use a virtual debit card for purchases, the funds are deducted directly from your account, yet the transaction maintains a level of anonymity, keeping your account details private.

Why Choose Virtual Cards for Payments?

Virtual cards are a game-changer for anyone engaged in online shopping, managing subscriptions, or preferring digital payments over traditional methods. These cards are specifically designed to combat fraud, with each virtual card number being temporary and untraceable back to your primary account. This makes virtual cards a highly secure option for all your digital transactions.

The Security of Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are highly secure, offering the same level of protection as banks. Providers follow strict security protocols and meet industry standards to ensure your transactions are safe. The sign-up process is easy and online, with no credit check needed. You’ll just need to complete a simple verification process to get started. This makes virtual cards a safe and convenient choice for online payments.

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