Why Should Small Businesses Prefer Jeton?

Our view of the financial medium has changed a lot in recent years. Today, online banking is a part of our daily routine. According to the latest research about online payment trends in Europe, 73% of online shoppers believe that utilizing e-commerce sites is more convenient, smoother, and more secure than shopping from an actual store in a mall. Therefore the odds are in favor of online shopping site owners nowadays.   

Do you own a porcelain atelier? Are you in the lavender business and selling colognes overseas? Are you interested in expanding your pet cloth business abroad? No matter what your business plan is, Jeton got you!  

Being one of the leading online payment companies in this competitive sector, Jeton has been creating payment methods for businesses for a long time. Free from what size your business is, we are here to assist you with our payment solutions

With Jeton, you can accept payments safely and comprehensively for your consumers worldwide. Being a trusted global company, Jeton operates in more than 100 countries with tens of popular local and international payment methods. Plus, we are a multi-currency platform supporting 50+ fiat currencies. Thanks to our unique J-Connect tech, you can efficiently process and exchange between multiple currencies in Jeton. But how about crypto payments? No worries! Jeton also accepts various cryptocurrency payments. The more you reach people, the more your business will expand. That is the very first reason why you should add us to your payments portfolio. 

Are you fed up with the pricey fees of e-wallets? Transfer fees are another issue that online shopping site owners struggle with. We are on the stage long enough to witness sharp fees in e-wallets. Jeton is not one of them. We know how you feel! Here, you will find reasonable fees and costs. Our business partners have rated us generously for our low fees.

Another reason to cooperate with Jeton is its usability and all-in-one approach. Despite propping a significant number of currencies, our application is easy peasy to manage. One solid Jeton account will give you the pleasure of monitoring your ongoing/outgoing payments. All you need is to create a business account and match your earnings with Jeton. Opening a business account with us takes only 2 minutes. Once you fill our application form and upload the required documents, a EUR IBAN will be generated for your business. The better news is you can open up to five EUR IBAN accounts under your Jeton Banking business account, and they are free of charge!

Jeton is trustworthy! Your personal and financial information is safe with us. Jeton cooperates with top online security companies to keep all operations secure and private. We never share your information with third parties, and we are partnered with the most reliable payment providers.          

Jeton customer support is seamless! Free from size and volumes, we equally provide the same top-quality customer service to our merchants. Furthermore, we are multilingual. You can speak in your native language when trying to resolve issues with our customer support

Suppose these Jeton benefits sound nice to you, step into our community! Open a Jeton business account right now to expand your target market and manage your payment gateways with ease. Millions of Jeton users can’t be wrong!

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