Where Can I Buy JetonCash?

As more people are shopping online, it seems that fewer payment methods are as streamlined in 2021 as the virtual prepaid cards.

Designed for electronic distribution, Virtual Prepaid Cards offer payees a fast and accessible tool to collect their payments and then quickly use their funds to shop online. This allows organizations to give their sellers, distributors, freelancers, or payment recipients immediate access to funds, while also promoting their brand. That’s a hard deal to pass up.

How Does JetonCash Works?

Jeton has it’s own virtual card or voucher called JetonCash. It works with high quality and fast service and it can be used on various internet platforms. The aim of JetonCash is to solve the security problem many physical cards suffer and that is sharing your personal information on the sites you shop with.

A JetonCash is a virtual, pre-paid payment method that can be used to purchase goods and services. JetonCashs are digital vouchers that can be redeemed from hundreds of online merchants globally.

JetonCashs are sold in multiple currencies and they are the most easily integrated payment method. As long as you have a balance, you can use your vouchers multiple times.

Since the control of the shopping limit with JetonCash is completely owned by the user, it makes your shopping completely safe, which is of crucial importance when it comes to online shopping.

The JetonCash purchased from the official point of sale at JetCash.app or any of the local online merchants now eliminates the trust issues experienced in online purchases, and the solution can be found. If you want to get detailed information about all the questions about purchasing and using Jetons, you can reach the 24/7 online support line. The Support team are at your service to offer solutions to online shopping with much more than you can find.

If you’re shopping with JetonCash you don’t need a bank account and certainly don’t need to leave your sensitive information behind on websites! Jeton provides you with a code to pay online easily, and for free.

Merchants need to reach your global customers by adding a secure online payment method to your checkout options.Jeton Vouchers can be issued in multiple currencies.

For resellers the ready-to-use API allows you to integrate and start issuing Jeton Vouchers immediately. Jeton provides 24/7 customer support in various languages.

Where to Get JetonCash?

You can purchase JetonCash from Distributors (or from their authorised retailers) that are contracted by Jeton to distribute JetonCash or online at JetCash.app

Select the amount for your voucher and choose one of our 68 accepted payment methods. Right after payment, your code appears instantly onscreen and arrives in your inbox simultaneously. Naturally, accompanied by the redeem instructions and your invoice. You have a year to redeem your voucher code, but should you need help redeeming it, feel free to contact our customer support team. They are happy to help!