Virtual Cards are the Future of Travel Payments

Online shopping has been in our lives for a long time. Now, much shopping, ranging from shopping for books and clothes to grocery shopping, can be done through virtual stores. Various technologies are being developed so that users can make online shopping more convenient and secure. The virtual cards are one of them. So, what does a virtual card mean? Should we use virtual cards for travel payments? Let’s take a look at the answers to these questions.

What is a Virtual Card?

A virtual card is a type of card that you can obtain from banks, contains information such as card number, expiry date, and CVC code, as in a physical card, and exists only on the internet. The virtual card is linked to the physical credit card you use. The virtual card limit can be determined by the user.

The expenses you make on the virtual card are deducted from your credit card or bank account. You can obtain this card only from banks that you are a customer of. With the use of a virtual card, you can shop online quickly and securely without having to provide your account information.

What Does a Virtual Card Do?

While shopping online, some users may hesitate to share their card information for security reasons. Sharing personal information on the internet can cause anxiety from time to time. For this reason, various security methods are developed by banks for their customers. One of the safest ways to shop online is to use a virtual card.

Should We Prefer Virtual Cards in Travel?

Travel cards were quite common prior to the pandemic. However, the situation has altered. Virtual cards have gained popularity among travellers due to a greater focus on safety and touchless payments.

Airlines and travel providers received a large number of refund requests back in 2020, which has increased the use of virtual cards for B2B payments. Virtual cards have resulted in speedier real-time payments, lower reconciliation costs, and improved cash flow management for travel companies. Since their revival, these cards are almost always on a rising trend.

Simultaneously, business and leisure travel requirements are becoming increasingly specialized. Everyone wants to know how they can better manage their vacation costs. Virtual cards are altering the way businesses and individuals pay for travel expenses.

The Benefits of Using Virtual Cards

Unlike physical cards, virtual cards can be used right away. Within minutes of creating an account, you can start using your virtual card.

Because virtual cards cannot be traced back to the actual credit/debit card account or the person who owns them, they provide more secure and private transactions. Furthermore, when making any purchase, virtual cards allow you to limit the amount of information you give. This makes it simple to safeguard a user’s personal information.

You can use virtual cards to make all of your payments from the same device. You can set spending restrictions, connect with certain merchants, and receive payment alerts and updates. It also supports many currencies, making cross-border payments considerably easier.

Using Virtual Cards with Jeton Wallet

With its innovative technology, Jeton Wallet enables you to manage your virtual cards in a single digital wallet whenever you are. Thanks to the simplicity offered by Jeton, using your virtual cards is now easier than ever on the go. Just add your virtual cards to your Jeton Wallet and pay the way you want.

The Future of Travelling is Virtual

Virtual cards are changing the game for people who love to travel. They’re super handy because you can start using them right away, and they keep your personal info safe when you’re buying stuff online. A  virtual card is easy to use, keeps your details private, and works with different currencies, which is perfect for travellers. As more people start using virtual cards, especially for trips, traveling and shopping online will become smoother and safer. So, the next time you’re planning a trip or need to book something, think about using a virtual card. Integrate it with your Jeton Wallet and enjoy the freedom of fast payments wherever you are.

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