Things You Should Know About Prepaid Cards

How many times did you feel insecure when you were entering your card details on a website? You found the watch you have been looking for so long finally, but you skipped purchasing it just because you can not trust the online shopping site. How about all those times we paid triple prices for the same items instead of buying them on Chinese e-commerce sites? It is all about safety. Most of us prefer to pay extra due to the concerns about the malicious attempts on our card details. What if we tell you about a way that you can use any online shopping site with no fear or worries with a type of card? Prepaid cards are ready to be your savior in this unsafe environment.


Prepaid cards can be thought of as debit cards. You can spend what you load. The biggest difference between these two types of cards is that for prepaid cards, you do not need to open an account in a bank after an exhausting process. This is the main reason that many people choose prepaid cards over debit or credit cards. Another reason is to be free of monthly or annual fees of bank linked cards.


Once you own a prepaid card, you can pay your taxes, bills, online shoppings and withdraw cash from any ATM. Most of the prepaid cards are provided by Visa and Mastercard. Therefore, almost everywhere you go will accept your cards easily. Pretty simple and functional at the same time. Right? It is not surprising why a great demand has appeared in recent years. 


Plus, prepaid cards come in multiple shapes. If we list them briefly, prepaid card types are: 

General-Purpose Reloadable Prepaid Cards    

As we mentioned before, these cards carry the logo of providers like MasterCard and Visa. They are mostly utilized by people with low credit scores in the banking system. Are you an expat who has difficulty providing proof of address? Are you worried about sharing your financial data? These are perfect for your needs. Furthermore, these cards are linked with seamless online services that you can easily control with an application.

Retail Prepaid Cards

Specified supermarkets, airlines, restaurant chains, petrol suppliers and beauty products suppliers provide retail prepaid cards with various advantages. For instance, if you have one from an airline, you will be rewarded with miles, discounts, upgraded rooms, lounge services or free checked-in luggages. The only disadvantage of this prepaid card is the limitation by this specific brand.

Prepaid Gift Cards

Being a “closed loop card”, prepaid gift cards can not be re-loaded. According to the latest statistics, in the USA, most of the consumers prefer to be given a gift card rather than an actual present. They are perfect alternatives to use on online shopping due to their amount being predetermined.

Travel Cards

Travel cards are the perfect choice for those who love travelling but also have the endless concerns about being robbed on their journeys or losing their cash somehow. These cards can be reloaded and used everywhere from ATMs to online booking sites. 


There are some titles you must watch out for when choosing a prepaid card.


-Always check the transaction fees!

Not all prepaid cards have the same fees and costs. You need to find a reasonable one, not a rip off. 


-Prefer reloadable ones!

You may come across multiple prepaid cards in the supermarkets. These are mostly non reloadable, however prepaid cards that e-wallets serve are easy to load and use again and again.


-The highest security needs to be provided!

Security always comes first, so always choose a prestigious and recommended company. Most of the companies require authentication codes and 3D security passwords to complete the transaction. 


-Chase the bonuses, vouchers and discounts!

You can take the advantage of various signup offers, vouchers and promotions. Specially retail prepaid cards come with great benefits such as free upgraded hotel rooms, free event tickets, discounts on products and loyalty points to use certain places.


Our company, Jeton offers you a spectacular prepaid card, JetonCash with countless advantages. Simply sign in today and create your Jeton account. Enjoy our smooth, transparent and reliable online banking services! 

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