Safest Payment Methods for Online Shopping

How many times have you hesitated to enter your personal and financial information online? Is there any day you do not take malicious emails claiming your great grandfather in Nigeria has inherited you a couple of million dollars, and all you need is to insert your personal information? How about hacked Instagram accounts? Do you remember the leak in iCloud resulting in thousands of private celebrity photos going public? Yes! The internet comes as a whole package with significant advantages but also massive dangers for you and your beloved ones. 

Especially, e-commerce sites gather a myriad of information such as your full name, current address, IBAN number, birth date, and your social number. Besides, if we are talking about an online betting site, in order to verify your account, you are required to send your passport, driving licence or security card. Would you handle them in the hands of a stranger? Probably not. Therefore, all these websites must be equipped with high-secure precautions to maintain privacy besides anonymity.

OK! Let’s not bring ourselves down! There are many payment options for online shopping and online gambling in which we can still protect ourselves against any possible threat. We have listed some of them below:

Prepaid Cards – Vouchers

In a nutshell, these “pay-as-you-go” plastic cards allow holders to deposit money and use it just like a regular debit card. Unlike debit/credit cards, there is no link with a bank issuer or a credit union. So neither your name nor your residential address is recorded somewhere. These cards come with a preloaded amount that you can choose. In any case of copy, there is nothing more than the balance.  

Plus, it is pretty downhill to purchase one in an online store or supermarket. In Jeton, we have a state-of-art prepaid card, JetonCash, which comes in 50 different fiat currencies. 

Credit and Debit Cards

These cards are one of the safest payment methods for online shopping. All you need is to insert a 16-digit card number, expiration date, and CVV (Card Verification Value) number. Then you will be directed to a page to verify your OTAC (One-time authorisation code), which comes as an SMS to your mobile. The only difference between a debit card and credit cards is that credit cards have a credit limit, whereas debit cards draw money from a loaded savings account. Being directly linked to bank accounts, Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro are the three most popular options.


These digital assets can seem a bit extreme and futuristic as online shopping payment methods for those unfamiliar with Bitcoin and other crypto coins. Yet, we can not deny their mind-blowing success as one of the most popular investments today. Since we are talking about a De-Fi (Decentralised Finance), there is no place to disclose your identity or your financial situation. Simply click the “Crypto” option to transfer the amount from your balance to another crypto wallet. Stay invisible and anonymous in an environment where every single movement is exposed.    

Digital Wallets

Undoubtedly, digital wallets – or so-called e-wallets- create a safe zone for users thanks to their high-security standards. When you choose these options to purchase your item or service, you will be redirected to another page, counting down while you need to approve the payment on your application of the subject digital wallet. Approvals are done mainly by fingerprints or entering a 3D-security password. Moreover, it is easy to load digital wallets with fast and safe methods. Consequently, digital wallets are a spectacular choice for a secure means of payment.

We have created an avant-garde digital wallet providing secure online shopping in Jeton. Besides, Jeton Wallet is a seamless way to deposit and withdraw any online casino or sports betting site. 

Create a Jeton account today and experience an entirely new approach to online payments!

Are you a business owner looking for safe payment methods? Place us on your website to provide clients with trustworthy payments through 50 supported fiat currencies worldwide. Together, we are stronger!

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