Prepaid Card Benefits for Consumers

Thanks to the irresistible advantages of being online mingled with technologies of the 21st century, we have a Jetsons-like daily routine in which it is a blink of an eye to operate our purchases and direct our money transfers. OK! Maybe we do not have holograms, and whimsical inventions in our daily life (yet!), but it is an undeniable truth that the financial world is the one who benefits most from the latest updates, avant-garde innovations, and a dedicated crowd formed by latitudinarian developers. At this very point, prepaid cards (virtual cards) are stepping forward as a blessing of prudential metamorphosis. Besides a plethora of advantages of prepaid cards in daily usage, as a conventional catalyst, they also put a good interpretation on other digital methods to be smoother and secure. In order to clear the clouds, we better define virtual cards to start illustratively.

What is a Prepaid Card?

Briefly, a virtual card is a “pay-as-you-go” plastic card in which you can deposit money and use it just like a regular debit card. In contrast with debit cards, an online prepaid card has no link with a bank issuer or to a credit union. To state our point we have listed the benefits of virtual cards for you. Therefore, you can decide whether they meet your needs on any platform.

  • Stay secure! 

As we all know, in traditional banking systems, there are massive security gaps against malicious activities. Considering the recent cyber-attacks on bank servers, debit card owners are constantly at high risk of fraud due to lower protection and increasing hacking activities. Even though your money is secure, unfortunately, your personal information can leak and end up in malicious attackers’ hands. But no worries, virtual cards never leave a personal or financial trace of you behind. 

  • Have full control over your money flow!

Nowadays, it can be challenging to stay on budget. Credit cards and debit cards lead to overspending whereas in most cases, you spend more than you have in your account. On the other hand, using a prepaid card limits spending more than the card balance. No matter whether you are struggling to arrange your outlay, a student with a tight budget studying abroad, or an employee on a business trip, it is essential to see your balance moment-to-moment. 

  • Do not mess with extras!

Traditional banking cards will require additional expenses, monthly and annual fees for card services. In most cases, even taking a detailed account summary for governmental reasons will cost you. In an obtuse aspect, every step you take with official banks is a charge. Every single activity from transferring money to exchange into other fiat currencies requires a percentage depending on the total sum up of the subject amount. Despite regular bank accounts, prepaid cards do not apply extras. Thus, they are the most affordable way to utilize for any purchases or money transfers.

  • Free of exchanges!

Are you an international merchant? Is your son in Erasmus? Do you want to buy items on global platforms? Then, you probably have tremendous worries about exchange rates. Prepaid cards come in a multitude of different fiat currencies. Simply choose the one you like to use and Voil√†! No need to follow volatile exchange rates, no worries, no commissions! 

  • Get them instantly!

Opening a bank account can be devastating when you think of suffocating bank branches, endless queues, and the bunch of documents you need to gather. Especially collecting papers might evolve into a mission impossible for expats, students, and legal-to-be immigrants. In these situations, naturally, most of these people will look for the paths for how to buy a virtual card. You can purchase them online as well as from contracted merchants.

  •  A perfect gift!

How many times have you been disappointed with your gifts? How did you feel when that ugly sweater found you without a return card in the box? A book you have already read. A voucher for a barbecue restaurant although you have been a vegetarian for decades. These scenarios would change completely if these people had thought to give you prepaid cards, right? Virtual cards are an unprecedented gesture for birthdays, newly-parents, weddings, Christmas, and Easter holidays. Give your beloved ones to own what they really adore! 

Our state-of-art digital wallet, Jeton Wallet salutes the merchants and consumers with its hassle-free prepaid cards, JetonCash! As a professional inner circle, we comprehend what our users need and provide our cards in more than 50 fiat currencies. Furthermore, it is fairly easy to redeem them at thousands of online merchants around the globe. Join our community today to access the world of Jeton along with myriad additional benefits!

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