Hei, Norge! Here is How to Fund Your Jeton Account in Norway!

In addition to its breathtaking landscapes with fjords, forests, and mountains, Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, has always been a game maker when the subject comes to export among Scandinavian countries. Trading is in the blood of Nordmenn. Just like their mighty Viking ancestors, modern Norwegians chase every opportunity to broaden their trading era. Norway is a prestigious member of the European Free Trade Association, the Council of Europe, NATO, the United Nations, the Nordic Council, the Antarctic Treaty, and the EEA (European Economic Area). Does it remind you of Nordic sagas mentioning the passion for new lands? Yes! In this perspective, apparently, the passion of Nordics for exploration is still blazing. The country has close ties with the European Union, the United States, and East Asia, especially the People’s Republic of China.

Norway has been ranked as one of the happiest countries around the world in many statistical pieces of research. In addition to this, considering the low crime rate, high standard of health care, high gross national product, and spectacular education system, it does not surprise any of us that Norway is on the top list of immigrants and expats. The five largest communities are Lithuanian, Pakistani, Polish, and Somali whereas due to sharing borders, it is likely to meet people from Finland, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Denmark as well. 

Consequently, expanding in various business segments worldwide, holding its intertwined relationship with contemporaneous countries, and exporting petroleum besides natural gas, makes Norway an active player in the world arena. There is a massive demand for payment methods from various expats located in the country, immigrants, and merchants who want to participate in business with this promising country. At this point, our comprehensive Jeton Wallet steps forward with its hassle-free, affordable and speedy services.

How to Deposit to Your Jeton Account in Norway

Those who want to enter into the Norwegian market must remember that the country uses the Norwegian Krone (plural Kroner) which is equal to 0.10 Euro at the time of writing this article. Thanks to the stable balances of the country, this fiat currency is considered a safe haven. Moreover, it is also stand-alone, meaning it’s not tied to another country’s failures. However, if your main account is in another fiat currency, you may need to pay extra exchange fees to convert yours into Krone. Thus, our multi-currency services can save your day with advantageous exchange rates and costs. There are three main Jeton deposit methods:

  • Instant Bank Transfer: Through online banking, you can transfer money from your bank account to your Jeton account by inserting the given Euro IBAN by Jeton. The significant part here is you can only deposit from a bank account held in your name.
  • Credit/Debit Card: Norway has gone mostly cashless in recent years whereas Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are the most popular debit/credit cards in circulation. Like bank transfers, it is significant to transfer the funds from a card held in your name.
  • JetonCash: Our prepaid card, JetonCash is the most convenient way of loading your Jeton Account. Once you redeem it from one of the thousands of online merchants globally, all you need is to insert a 19-digit number, CVV code, and expiration date found on the card. Plus, the card features in various fiat currencies including Norwegian Krone!

* Please note that the minimum deposit amount is €10 while the maximum is €500 for Norwegian users.

How to Withdraw Money with Jeton in Norway

Jeton Wallet takes pride in its fast and smooth withdrawals taking the time up to approximately 24 hours at the most. There are two ways to cash out your assets from Jeton Wallet:

  • Manual Bank Transfer: Simply insert your IBAN and write the amount you like to cash out. The amount will be sent to your target account in 12-24 hours, and this process will be free of charge.
  • JetonCash: This is a short-cut path compared to bank transfers. It takes only 1-2 hours while it is possible to request it in various fiat currencies.

Hei, Norge!

Jeton Wallet welcomes Nordmenn! From now on, just like 100 countries worldwide, our beloved Norwegian users can also utilize our smooth registrations, low transaction fees, and next-gen mobile app in which you can monitor your cash flow momentarily. Furthermore, our highly experienced customer support team is ready to answer your questions 24/7/365. No matter whether you are a business owner or an individual, we will provide you with tailor-made payment and money transfer services!

Join the Jeton community today and carry your online monetary experience beyond your dreams!

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