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Whichever country you are in, one of the most important things you need to learn to continue your life more easily and not experience difficulties is the payment methods of that country. Whether you are a tourist, immigrant, or resident in that country, it is necessary to be aware of standard payment methods – other than cash – to pay bills, get things done at the tax office, shop, or dine in a stylish restaurant. You came here to learn about payment methods in Poland, but how about starting this post with a pleasant journey?

What comes to mind when people hear the word Poland today? Pope John Paul II is frequently brought up first, followed by Solidarity and Lech Wasa. If they know they were Polish, some people may recall Copernicus or Frederic Chopin, while movie buffs may recall Wajda or Kieslowski. Polish vodka, stunning Polish ladies, and delectable Polish cuisine are all talked about.

However, beyond all of these well-known items and names, there lies a stunning, unspoiled, peaceful country… Just a straightforward nature that anyone might fall in love with.

Although Poland is constantly evolving, it has managed to retain its character and vintage appeal. Poland is highly regarded by tourists for its untouched natural beauty. An open-air ethnographic museum comes to mind when you see a guy plowing a field with horses, crosses, wayside shrines, and wacky scarecrows in the fields, but they are not just for show.

In Poland, you may still relive the past by sitting with the elderly and listening to their anecdotes under old oak and chestnut trees in parks or on the porch of a tiny townhome.

Nature was undoubtedly extremely kind to Poland, giving it a stunning and extraordinarily diverse terrain that was complemented by a vibrant culture and turbulent history. Its coastline is washed by the waves of the sea, while the Tatry Mountains’ jagged alpine peaks stare down on its fields.

It’s like the essence of Europe! The French Riviera could be envious of Puck Bay’s broad, sandy beaches and towering rocks. We have Bydgoszcz, Poland’s Venice, Kashubian Switzerland, and Mazury, a stunning region with thousands of lakes. The region of the lakes may not be as large as the one in Finland, but it is undoubtedly just as beautiful. We also have some of the most untamed woodlands in Europe, the Biaowiea Primeval Forest, where the powerful bison resides! Swift mountain streams, enormous wetlands, lush meadows, steep canyons, and shifting dunes may all be found here. Beautiful palaces and castles put to mind Poland’s turbulent past.

Poles will tell you that the Wawel Castle, the stork, the bison, the Jasna Góra Monastery, the amber, or “baltic gold” as it is called here, and the Vistula River are the icons of our nation. The national flag, which is white and red, and the eagle, of course!

We have been engaged in a protracted war with Western European preconceptions that have crept into our neighbors’ and people’s generations’ brains despite all of these magnificent cultural and natural resources. The notions of a desolate, drab communist nation are a thing of the past. A brand-new, intriguing, and welcoming Poland exists today.

Choosing the Right Payment Methods in Poland

Credit Cards Poland

To choose the right payment methods in Poland, the first thing we must do to get to the root of the situation is to examine the living standards, culture, and where people spend their money most. 

Ever since Covid-19 entered our lives, internet usage and everything about the internet have been growing and evolving like a snowball. Many things that were thought to be impossible to do in the last three years have become better thanks to the internet. Working from home, shopping online, and many other things came into our lives and became central.

Now, I will talk about the statistics that came out in line with the recent research in Poland. Who doesn’t love to base the facts discussed on statistics?

  • According to recent research, 96.8% of the population in Poland uses a smartphone. And this population, on average, spends 6 hours and 39 minutes of their daily time using the internet.
  • In the research conducted on why internet users in Poland use internet resources, in addition to searching for information, following developments, and communicating with family and friends, the third most common reason on the list is: With a rate of 61.2%, Researching brands! This research simply shows us that online shopping is top of our list for choosing the right payment method.
  • Also, the use of online financial services is increased over the past years. When the percentage of using banking, investment, insurance website, or mobile app per month is 38.3%, using a mobile payment service such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay is 21.8%. These ratings point to a fact. Digital banking usage in Poland over the years making more place in our daily lives as the days pass by.

All the statistics you see above show that the importance of mobile or internet banking has increased considerably. Let alone carrying a wallet or card, most people now make their payments with QR codes on their phones or with digital bank options in Poland.

Different Payment Method Options in Poland

Digital Wallets Poland

  • MasterCard is the second-largest player in the Polish credit card industry behind Visa. American Express is also there, although its proportion is quite negligible.
  • Clients who prefer to pay this way must go to their bank’s website, log into their accounts, and start a bank transfer to the merchant’s account. Bank Transfer Initiated on the Internet: A payment made by customers using their bank’s electronic banking service.
  • Online e-payments are also known as “e-transfer” or “Pay-By-Link” among Polish payment service providers; they are comparable to bank transfers initiated online, but they offer more functionality and convenience for both customers and merchants.
  • Bank Transfer Initiated in a Different Way: Most transactions are payments made by clients at bank counters or via the post office.
  • Virtual Payment Service: This category includes largely global e-wallet providers like PayPal and Skrill.
  • Premium SMS: a way for micropayment for internet or mobile services, such as digital downloads and paid digital content or information, using a mobile phone (i.e. ringtones, music download, betting, games, etc.).
  • Customers pick up their orders and pay for them in person when making a cash payment to the shop’s account; other ways are all the other payment options not listed.
  • PayU Express is a newly released, next-generation e-transfer that enables customers to complete transactions in their PayU accounts with a single click. Instead of laborious bank login procedures and many payment confirmation windows on your bank account, the transaction is performed through the PayU account. Without entering into electronic banking, money in a bank account may be utilized right now.
  • Online installments: PayU and Allegro established the first Polish system of online installments.

Using Jeton Wallet in Poland

Jeton Wallet is one of the best options for digital banking in Poland. Considering all the research and statistics mentioned above, it will benefit you a lot in online banking.

Especially if you are looking for a reliable online banking option, Jeton Wallet is just for you. To become a Jeton member, go to jeton.com now and become a member within minutes. Enjoying digital banking in Poland is just a click away!

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