New Cryptocurrencies 2022

Investing in cryptocurrencies or trading crypto can be quite lucrative. In early 2021, altcoin prices were truly phenomenal, but after all, the markets are not always green. Still, we can’t ignore the fact that more institutional and individual investors are jumping on the crypto train. With thousands of digital assets on the market right now, it can be difficult to decide which cryptocurrency you should invest in. This review shows you the top 7 new cryptocurrencies to hit in 2022, read on.

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Lucky Block

On the Binance smart chain, Lucky Block envisions a global lottery with players using blockchain technologies. The cryptocurrency’s main goal is to improve gaming’s transparency and fairness by creating a lottery where every participant has a higher chance of winning while also providing a sound investing plan.


Verasity is a new cryptocurrency that is also the next generation of video-sharing, with the goal of creating a fair system for artists to profit from their work and advisers to profit from their ad expenditure. This is accomplished through the system’s proof-of-value protocol, product layers, and professional game broadcasting platform, which includes e-sports events like PUBG Mobile.


PancakeSwap is a decentralized finance app that lets users trade tokens while also providing liquidity and collecting fees. The coin will be released in September 2020 and will serve as a decentralized exchange for trading BEP20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. Users trade against a liquidity pool under this cryptocurrency’s automated market maker architecture.

Power Ledger

Power Ledger is a technology firm that creates software for distributed and decentralized energy markets in the interest of a more sustainable future. It created a blockchain-based platform that allowed energy, flexible services, and environmental commodities to be tracked and traded. Its purpose is to build the foundation for a fully modernized, market-driven grid that gives customers control over their energy while democratizing power.


Despite its reputation as an open-source browser created by Mozilla’s co-founders, Brave is making significant progress in the crypto world. Brave is a decentralized, open-source ad exchange platform based on Ethereum for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Axies Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based trade and battle game in which participants own and run a portion of the company. The Axies are token-based animals that players can collect, breed, nurture, battle, and trade in this game. These Axies can take many different forms for the enjoyment of the participants.


AValanche is a layer one blockchain that serves as a foundation for decentralized applications and private blockchain networks. It is one of Ethereum’s competitors, attempting to dethrone Ethereum as the most popular smart contract blockchain. It aspires to achieve this by providing a larger transaction output of up to 6,500 transactions per second without sacrificing scalability.

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