Expats’ Guide to the World’s Cheapest Places

It might be tough for people who are unfamiliar with the concept of living abroad to know where to begin. The cost of living, accessibility to other nations, and the type of culture one are searching for are all important considerations when determining where to settle down. Check out this list of the three cheapest places to live as an expat that you might want to visit! While it is true that cheaper does not necessarily imply less appealing, each of these three cheapest destinations has its own advantages.

South Africa

A popular nickname for this country is the “global gateway to Africa,” and visitors from all over the world are drawn to it. South Africa’s past has resulted in a country that is varied and appealing to people from all over the world. Furthermore, it is a very beautiful nation, with lush forests, towering mountains, and miles of sandy beaches. But what is it like to live as an expatriate? First and foremost, the weather is really nice and warm most of the year; you won’t have to worry about frigid winters or scorching summers, which are prevalent in other nations. Second, the cost of living is very reasonable. For the 3rd attempt, South Africans are kind and eager to meet new people, making it simple to make new friends and meet locals who can tour you around their city or perhaps the entire nation.

The Philippines 

A unique country with an unusual blend of cultures and climates, the Philippines is a popular expat destination. Some individuals like the hustle and bustle of big cities, while others prefer the slower pace of small towns and rural areas. There are many diverse cultures and climates in the Philippines, making it an excellent area for expats to experience a variety of different ways of living. The various museums and art galleries, diving at one of the many gorgeous beaches, hiking through some natural parks, or simply browsing the many stores in bustling cities are all options for those who wish to spend their time.


It is possible to have a positive experience living in Kazakhstan as an expat. No matter if you’re wanting to get away from the Western world or embrace it, the nation has something to offer everyone. It is possible to survive in this country without knowing Kazakh, and many people speak English as well. Living in Kazakhstan will turn out to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made, as long as you keep your expectations realistic.

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