Meet Jeton at ICE London 2024 This February!

The long-awaited annual gaming conference is here! As the countdown to ICE London 2024 begins, Jeton is gearing up to meet and greet you at Booth N9-340 in ExCeL London. Between the dates of February 6 to 8, you can find our team of Jeton professionals at the ultimate gaming rendezvous where innovation, networking, and surprises collide.

What Makes ICE London 2024 So Important?

Picture this: Over 45,000 gaming enthusiasts, decision-makers, regulators, operators, and innovators meeting one another under one roof. Welcome to ICE London 2024, where ExCeL London transforms into a three-day gaming extravaganza. It’s not just a conference; it’s a dynamic hub for collaboration, networking, and discovering the next big thing in the gaming field among like-minded individuals. 

Why Should You Attend? 

At ICE London 2024, prepare to experience the most of:

  • Global Networking: We’re talking about connections that defy borders. ICE London brings together international decision-makers, fostering collaborations that propel the gaming industry forward.
  • New Technologies: Imagine a showcase where over 600 global brands unveil the latest and most innovative gaming technologies. In addition to being a trade and industry event, ICE London also offers attendees a glimpse into the future of gaming in 2024.
  • Business Opportunities: This isn’t your average convention. ICE London 2024 is a stage where industry professionals can explore opportunities, engage with potential partners, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving gaming sector.
  • Entertainment: ICE London is known for being a staple in the gaming industry. That being said, many activities and games await attendees within the scope of the event. Prepare to have some much-needed fun when you’re on a break from networking and learning the ins and outs of what’s new on the market. 

Get Ready to Meet Jeton at ICE London 2024

Amidst this vibrant atmosphere, Jeton is set to redefine online payments with its groundbreaking Jeton Wallet. Picture Booth N9-340 as the beating heart of innovation, inviting attendees to experience seamless transactions, global accessibility, and cutting-edge fintech solutions. Jeton is not just reshaping the future of online payments; it’s doing it within the dynamic gaming world.

The Jeton Experience: Exclusive Gifts and Surprises Await! 

But wait, there’s more! Beyond the fintech and gaming buzz, ICE London attendees are in for a treat at Booth N9-340. Imagine rubbing shoulders with surprise West Ham United F.C. players! Engage with football stars, win exclusive gifts, and dive into an experience that brings together the best of finance and football. The collaboration between Jeton and West Ham United F.C. is fueled by our mutual passion for success! 

Don’t Miss Out on the Action! Join Jeton at ICE London 2024 for:

  • Tailored Solutions for Gaming: Jeton’s payment solutions aren’t just about finance; they’re tailored solutions designed specifically for those looking to get the most out of digital payment methods. Fast checkouts, secure transactions, and global accessibility – in other words, it’s gaming, elevated.
  • Global Reach, Local Impact: With over 50 payment methods, 70+ currencies, and a presence in 100+ countries, Jeton ensures a global reach with a local impact, perfectly syncing with the diverse nature of the gaming and fintech communities.
  • Innovation in Action: Get ready to witness innovation in action at ICE London 2024. Engage with the Jeton team, explore the features of prominent Jeton products: Jeton Wallet, Jeton Card and JetonCash, and see how Jeton is setting new standards in the fintech landscape for yourself! 

Join Jeton at ICE London 2024 This February for More!

Jeton invites you to be a part of this thrilling experience at Booth N9-340, where the future of online payments meets the dynamic world of football. Engage with our experts, explore the features of Jeton Wallet, get ready for exclusive surprises, including seeing familiar faces from West Ham United F.C., and experience ICE London with our dedicated Jeton team! 

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