Jobs That Will Enter Our Lives With The Metaverse

The metaverse, which can be defined as the perceptual universe created by devices in the virtual world without any physical effort, has become the new favorite of technology giants. According to some experts, the metaverse, which will be integrated into our lives in the future, will bring new work and business opportunities. So what are those professions?

Virtual Property Expert

Metaverse will also meet the needs of people and companies such as virtual land, houses, and shops.

Virtual lands in the Metaverse universe will create a kind of real estate economy. This may lead to a new job description such as a virtual real estate specialist.

Risk Management Specialist

The Metaverse universe will also integrate investment tools such as blockchain, bitcoin, and NFT. Risk management experts will gain importance for investments in investment instruments with new and digital technological structures.

Risk management professionals will be responsible for assessing financial risks that could potentially affect a company or individual in the metaverse universe.

Blockchain ​​Experts

Blockchain experts and developers; will have an important position in the fields of financial services, public, technology companies, e-commerce, and marketing.

These experts will also look for ways to make the blockchain better serve users in the metaverse universe.

Digital Detective

Information storage, processing, and security issues in the digital environment will become even more important for both companies and individuals. Specialized personnel in this field will be needed more with the metaverse.

VR Game Designers

Online games draw attention with both the increasing number of players and the economic size they create every year. Along with the Metaverse universe, game designers will be in demand, especially those who will create prototypes of VR (Virtual Reality) based games, design and bring them together with users.

Digital Sales Specialist

Metaverse will also be used to market, sell and generate revenue for both individuals and brands. In the metaverse universe, there will also be a need for sales specialists and sales representatives, with whom we communicate in the physical world, especially in stores.

The sales representatives-experts that we are used to seeing in physical stores will also work in the digital universe with their avatars.

Cyber Security Specialist

As the world becomes more digital, cybercrime remains one of the biggest threats to all individuals, businesses, and government agencies. This will become as important as protecting the physical safety of individuals or companies.

With the cyber security metaverse, it will spread more and more in all areas of life, and every individual and company will become a cyber expert security expert in the future.

Marketing Manager

New job areas will be added to the job descriptions of marketing managers. Using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, marketing managers will identify potential users, monitor their trends, and develop strategies to help companies maximize their market share.

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