Contactless Payments in Covid-19

After the rapid spread of Covid-19, the lives of individuals and companies began to continue differently. Many companies have had to provide the suitable environment for their employees to work remotely. For many companies, this has become an advantage. With the widespread use of remote working, the office costs of companies began to decrease. Of course, this was not the only thing that changed, people’s habits also changed. With the decrease in cash usage, online shopping and online payments have increased rapidly, and this has changed people’s payment preferences. Contactless payments have taken their place among the indispensables of the new age.

Contactless payment methods

Contactless payments can be evaluated in two ways. Contactless payments using a physical card and online payments. Almost all of the payment companies have integrated contactless technologies with their systems and made it possible for their customers to pay with contactless cards. Since Covid-19 is a virus that can easily spread through contact, payment without the need for cards to touch physical POS devices has become a must. Thus, you do not have to give your card to anyone or have it come into contact with a different object. The fact that the accounts to which the contactless cards are linked can also be used for digital payments allows users to make payments both face-to-face and online in a safe and healthy way from a single account. Payment companies still continue to use the latest technologies and develope new ones. The use of contactless payments, which has become a habit in the new age, tends to increase more rapidly, as research shows.

Covid-19, of course, is a very tough period for humanity, but when we look at technological developments, there are too many technologies developed for this reason, such as contactless technologies. The fact that contactless payments are preferred more and payments are easier for customers can also be seen as an advantage for sellers. Businesses are likely to increase their business as they adapt to change and adopt contactless technologies. It would not be right to say that Covid-19 caused all these, but it is a fact that it accelerated the developments.

Contactless payments in daily life 

Jeton is one of the payment solutions that keeps up with all these technological developments. The company also has a card that can be used for contactless payments in daily life. With Jeton card, you can make contactless payments as well as withdraw money from anywhere in the world. Jeton card can be used in businesses where Visa cards are accepted. You can easily become a Jeton customer and experience digital payments with no hidden fees. It is possible to see Jeton among the payment options of e-commerce sites. Jeton users can manage all their accounts in Jeton wallet, Jeton card users can send money to their cards from Jeton wallets.

It is completely free to request the physical card or virtual card offered by Jeton. As the increase in digital payments due to Covid-19 increases competition among fintech companies, users can now use higher quality services more economically.

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