Jeton Attends SiGMA 2022 to Catch Up on the Latest Trends

SiGMA World 2022 is a four-day iGaming, technology, and artificial intelligence exhibition that will take place in DUBAI, UAE. Panel discussions with speakers from all around the world will take place at the conference on themes such as mobile game development, artificial intelligence applications for the future, and advances in virtual reality technology. Beyond the educational discussions and presentations, SiGMA Asia Dubai 2022 will provide extensive networking opportunities for guests, with adequate opportunities to interact with experts from a variety of various industries one-on-one. Let’s have a look at the topics that are most likely to be covered at SiGMA Asia together.


It should come as no surprise that technology has engulfed our daily life in recent years. Everyone has been impacted by technological advancements, whether in a positive or negative way. iGaming is one of the most exciting developments to come out of technological advancement. When it comes to the topic “What is iGaming?” there are several answers to be found. Some may consider it to be an addiction, while others may consider it to be only enjoyment. iGaming may be described as any type of gambling that takes place via the internet or through the use of a digital device. Smartphones, laptop computers, and tablets are examples of such gadgets. Online gaming is more popular than ever in this day and age, with more individuals participating than ever before. With so many alternatives to pick from these days, it’s no surprise that people are turning to online gambling to pass the time in their spare time. To ensure that we deliver the greatest service to our consumers by staying abreast of technological advancements in all areas, Jeton will be attending the SiGMA Expo Dubai, which is possibly one of the major festivals conducted on their behalf.

Affiliate Market Trends and E-Commerce

The affiliate marketing industry is expanding and evolving at a rapid pace. It’s challenging to stay up with the newest trends when new online markets, platforms, and apps are being developed on a regular basis. It is expected that SiGMA 2022 will feature several panels and presentations devoted to the topic of how affiliate marketers may react to these shifts in their business model.

Metaverse & Blockchain Gaming 

The SiGMA 2022 conference will bring together the greatest forward-thinking brains in technology and gaming. The Metaverse & Blockchain Gaming, which will be covered as one of the subjects, promises to deliver interesting insights into what’s ahead for both businesses.

NFTs and Web 3.0

NFTs and Web 3.0 will be among the topics discussed during the SiGMA Asia 2022 conference. It is a trend that the majority of specialists are paying close attention to because these developments have the potential to impact the future of digital media.
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