Jeton Attended iFX Dubai

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the country. It boasts a large number of skyscrapers, towering structures, and contemporary architecture. In addition, Dubai offers beautiful beaches that are well-known across the world as some of the best locations to swim and appreciate nature at its most natural. All of this contributes to Dubai’s status as one of the world’s most desirable destinations. The city is also very significant for business, aside from these factors. In this year’s iFX EXPO conferences, Dubai was the host city. And we were here in the capacity of Jetons. So, let’s discuss iFX EXPO 2022 in this post.

iFX Expo: Explained

A leading event in the financial sector, the iFX Expo brings together experts from across the globe to showcase their newest innovations and advances while also examining themes ranging from trading platforms to retail banking solutions. Keynotes, panel discussions, networking events, exhibitions, and other activities are all planned for the event. This is a three-day event. The iFX Expo Dubai in 2022 was held from the 22nd to the 24th of February in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

iFX Expo 2022

With over 40,000 participants and more than 1,750 exhibitors from across the world at over 17 different expos to date, iFX Expo has been running since 2012. It should come as no surprise that Dubai hosted a large number of attendees and exhibitors. It was attended by a diverse range of businesses that wanted to showcase their products or services. Banks, insurance companies, trading platforms, and cryptocurrency exchanges were among the exhibitors. The Jeton firm was also on hand to capture the latest trends in online trade, financial services, and fintech for the year 2022. What were the topics for this year’s conference? The following were the primary topics of discussion during this expo:

  • Technology and Liquidity: Everything from trading platforms to connect to CRM and marketing solutions to Voip and payment methods was addressed by the traders.
  • Digital asset and Blockchain: Specialists provided their thoughts on everything from cryptocurrency to blockchain-based security and payment solutions, and they did so for both newbies and veterans of the sector.
  • Retail and Institutional Brokers: The iFX Dubai was the ideal location for foreign exchange brokers to analyze and source service providers, network with partners, and build their businesses via the use of institutional-grade goods and solutions.
  • Payments and Banks: Business owners may choose from a variety of payment processing, gateway, e-wallet, and technology options to discover the most appropriate and personalized payment solution for their company.
  • Affiliates and IBS: During the expo, the value of affiliates was highlighted, and many excellent ideas were given in this regard.
  • Regulation and Compliance: Because compliance and regulation are so crucial for business owners, this is a subject to which they should pay close attention. Additionally, the iFX Expo provided a chance to network with representatives from regulatory, audit, legal, and compliance businesses.
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