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With the great entrance of the Internet to our lives, almost everything in your daily routine evolved into something more practical, fast and functional. It takes a blink of an eye to participate in a multilingual Zoom meeting, to send a message to the otherside of the world. Would you like to read the oldest manuscript Sir John Oldcastle in the University of Cambridge online archive? All you need is to enter the website. Are you looking for a Japanese snack? Simply order from an online shopping site and receive it in a week. There is no border, there is no delay, there are no challenges.  Nobody has time or patience to queue in a crowded bank branch on a sultry day for hours anymore. 20 years ago, this was the only way to open an account in a bank. Still today, the traditional banking system works the same. In order to create a bank account, you need to be there in person and stand up in front of the bank teller. You will be asked for several documents from utility bills to social security numbers. Tax number you need to require is a huge issue all by itself. Therefore, it would not be so wrong to define this process as time consuming and exhausting. This is the very point Instant Account Opening takes a big step into our world.  You have probably used your mobile banking many times or maybe you already own an e-wallet. However most of the people are not familiar with the question of What is instant banking and how does it work?”

What is an Instant Bank Account?

In a nutshell, an instant bank account is a bank account which is based on online banking only. Providing a simple and more functional alternative to the traditional banking approach, instant accounts have become one of the most popular payment methods for many people in a short period of time.  Most of the Scandinavian countries, Greece, Poland and Estonia are the ones who adopted this virtual bank account system. It is not surprising when we think of how challenging it is to open an actual bank account in these countries. 

Why Must I Open an Instant Bank Account?

Whilst comparing this revolutionary banking method, undoubtedly, the security of your personal and financial information is a great plus. Since you do not insert your detailed data and use your instant bank account as a medium for a better and safer online experience to send and receive funds, there is no room for either malicious or fraudulent activities. Furthermore, these accounts’ secure data transfer protocols like SSL encryption function as a great wall against any kind of security risks. The high popularity of virtual accounts created a great sector. Another question pops out for the ones who want to have one. Which bank is best for instant accounts? A trustworthy company with solid customer support can serve you a great instant bank account experience. 

How to Open a Virtual Bank Account

Thankfully, it is much easier than you may think. All you need is a photo of your passport. Amazing right? Instant bank account verifications are not only simple but quicker compared to traditional banking we got used to utilizing. Especially for expats, it is a spectacular solution for the period until they open an account in their new countries.  Our company, Jeton, serves one of the best virtual bank services in this sector. We provide payment options both for individuals and businesses. Join us today and let’s shape your instant account which is customized only for your needs! 
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