How to Use Jeton Wallet from Sweden

Send Money Online to Sweden

Jeton Wallet is a financial platform available to clients in Sweden that offers payment, shopping and fast money transfer services with cheap fees. An online account with Jeton works quite similar to any bank account in Sweden. It allows you to receive money, to transfer money at a low cost, in a fast and simple way, and pay for products and service online.

Is it Easy to Open a Jeton Account from Sweden?

Opening an account with Jeton from Sweden is carried out 100% online. It only requires a Passport or an Identity card and a proof of address which are scanned through the platform. Jeton takes only a few moments to open an account, and allows the customers to log in from any device and deposit funds using the method from the following article ‘How to open a Jeton account’.

How to Deposit Money to Your Account?

Swedish customers can deposit money via credit/debit card or an instant bank transfer without any fee.

How to Withdraw Money From Your Jeton Account?

You can withdraw money in Sweden via SEPA network.

SEPA was set up by the European Commission to enable customers to make fast and secure transfers between bank accounts anywhere in the Euro area.

Why Jeton is The Best App To Send Money To Sweden? 

  • Transactions between Jeton accounts are immediate. If two Jeton users transfer money to each other, they will be able to start spending the money instantly.
  • Cheap fee transactions.

Is it Safe to Operate With Jeton Wallet?

Your security is our top priority. We have taken a number of steps to ensure your account is protected. That is done by a two-step verification. You can access your Jeton Wallet account securely by providing your phone number and completing the verification process.