How to Send Money to Lithuania

E-wallets are the new way to go when it comes to the financial industry. More and more financial providers are providing e-services, making life so much easier when it comes to transferring and paying virtually anything. Thanks to access through your mobile phones, you can now enjoy a variety of financial services with just some simple swipes or clicks, whether you are looking to pay somebody, exchange money or more, all can be accomplished through one device.

When it comes to Lithuania, the country has adopted digital wallets incredibly well. About 50% of Lithuania’s population prefers paying for online purchases through text messages and virtual cards. Mobile payments and prepaid cards are frequently used by privacy-conscious consumers who do not want to share their banking or credit card data online.

As of January 1, 2015, Lithuania has embraced the use of Euro as the national currency and got rid of their old currency named Lithuanian Litas (code: LTL). This means a more stable economy as well as easier and more profitable import/exports business.

What are Some of the Benefits of Using Jeton?

Available in over 100 countries and 7 languages and with different payment options and 50 currencies, Jeton digital wallet, provide convenient and simple payment solutions globally. Consumers can upload, withdraw and store funds all through the Jeton ecosystem.
Fast speed – Jeton is easy to use – transferring funds is quick and simple.
Improve conversion rates – Customers pay quickly with just an email address and password.
Fraud management – The powerful system of Jeton comes with extensive security to ensure that all data and information is well-protected and encrypted. In addition, it also sets different settings and limitations, such as minimum and maximum amount per transaction.
Online customer care – All customers can also submit any inquiries they have directly through the system, creating a convenient and direct customer care through virtual means. They can also use the Live Chat option in the app that will connect them to a member of our support team.

How to Send Money to Lithuania

To make the transfer you will need to cover a few small steps:
Open a free account with Jeton.
Verify your account by providing an ID and a proof of address.
Fund your account with the necessary amount.
Send money by entering the email address, phone number or Jeton ID of the person you wish to transfer money to.

Send money to Lithuania now.