How to Send Money to Macao

Send Money to Macao

Macau is China’s answer to Las Vegas. But the former Portuguese colony has long surpassed the City of Lights as the world’s casino capital, with revenue from gambling receipts exceeding the entire state of Nevada back in 2010. As well as drawing in the punters, it has a massive expat community who are looking for ways to remit money.
Whether you want to send money to family and friends, purchase a property in Macao or pay for a holiday transferring money with Jeton is hassle free and convenient experience.

The benefits of sending money to Macao

Discover how to send money to Macao at the most competitive cost in a few easy steps:
One big advantage are the lower costs for a members of Jeton compared to a client of a more traditional financial institution. Our fees are much lower compared to other companies and we offer much more customer-friendly exchange-rates. Furthermore you can transfer money at every point of time as our online-platform is accessible 24/7. This makes international transactions much more convenient and easy.
Regarding the safety of their personal information and their money customers if Xendpay don’t have to be worried. Xendpay is regulated by the FCA and an authorized payments provider. We guarantee our customers that we protect them.
With Jeton you have a global reach. This allows you to send money across the globe, from just about anywhere in the world. Other services do not accept clients from certain countries. Jeton also has a large varieties of available currencies – more than 50.

How to Send Money to Macao

You just have to register before sending money to Macao. Enter your details, and verify your account. Once the account is set up you can send money by entering the recipient’s email address or phone number and we will send your money to Macao as quick as possible.

Best App to Send Money

One wallet for all! Simple, fast and secure. Our fast, easy to use and secure app lets you access your account whenever you need it.
With Jeton App you can check your balance, keep an eye on your Jeton account balance on the move and easily view a list of your recent transactions. You can also upload and withdraw. Deposit funds to your Jeton account and withdraw funds at your convenience wherever you are, 24/7. Sending and receive money on the go is another perk of having the app downloaded to your mobile. Choose a recipient, tap and send in seconds. All you need to send money to friends and family is an email address, phone number or Jeton User ID.