How to Send Money to Latvia

Although you can send money to Latvia through a bank or a money sending provider you will find that these services are not the most convenient options as you have to go into a physical location to send the money so your remittance will be subject the limited opening hours of these services. You can however send money to Latvia simply online through a money sending platform such as Jeton where payments and transactions has become easier and faster. Not only will you have access to a 24/7 online transfer service when sending money through Jeton, but you will find that our transfer fees are low and that you will get a great exchange rate when transferring money to Latvia.

Why Choose Jeton?

Jeton bring an improvement in the way we make payments and small value transactions today. Ease of use, convenience, flexibility and security are some of the key benefits customers can enjoy using Jeton. It provides a number of opportunities to help with your personal and business needs.
With Jeton you can enjoy accessible payment anytime anywhere. You can also store all your payment information in one place, enabling to use different methods of payment using a single app.
Safer then cash – Jeton is password / pin locked, keeping your money and data safe in case a smartphone containing Jeton is lost or stolen.
Time-saving – Eliminate the need to manually input payment details, enabling fast and convenient online checkout. When paying in store, there’s no need to enter PIN, as with cards. You only need to hold a phone near the payment ready or scan the QR code.

How to Send Money to Latvia

Thanks to our 24/7 online transfer system sending money via Jeton will be really easy as you can send money to Latvia conveniently from a location and at a time which suits you. To send your money you will need to register with Jeton for an account then add your beneficiaries, which you do manually by telling us their email address, their phone number, or Jeton User ID.

To send money to Latvia you will need to select your beneficiary and tell us the currency you wish to send and the desired amount.

Thinking of getting an Jeton? It only takes a few minutes to set up. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app or contact us for any enquiries.