How to Send Money to Georgia

More people are on the move around the world than ever before. Every expat chooses to leave home for different reasons, but they all bring their life experiences, knowledge, culture and ambitions with them. As they settle into life in their host countries, they acquire new skills and know-how. And they contribute to their families and communities in their country of origin by sending money home.
Despite the global pandemic, Georgia received $137.3 million from abroad in February 2020, which is 9.5 per cent more than the amount in February 2019. So what is the best way to send money to Georgia?

The Best Way to Send Money to Georgia

With online money transfers on the rise, Georgians abroad are looking for faster and cheaper ways to send money to their loved ones. This is where Jeton can help you. With it’s cheap fees and global coverage to more than 100 countries, Jeton is the ideal money transfer service and more.
Jeton is ideal for someone who wants the flexibility to send money on the go anytime of the day. Once a transfer has been made, the transaction is automatically recorded for later viewing in your transaction history.
Your money and personal details are safe when you use Jeton. All of your account information is encrypted – this means that actual account numbers aren’t stored on your phone. You will need to enter a password, or other verification details, any time you wish to view or change account information. This is far safer than walking around with cash and credit cards in your pocket.

How to Send Money to Georgia

To send money you will need to have a registered account with Jeton Wallet. You can do that quickly at or download our app available on both iOS and Android devices.

Here are the steps you can follow in order to send money to Georgia

Log in your Jeton account
Find the ’Send’ button and follow the instructions
Simply enter how much money you would like to send
Type in the email of the recipient. You can use a phone number or their Jeton ID too.
Click Continue to finish the process
If the person you’re sending the money to is not a Jeton holder he will receive a notification via email or sms how to get his/her money. They will have to register in order to get their money from their accounts.

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