How to Send Money to Moldova

Send Money to Moldova

Economic migration and remittances have increasingly become a part of the global landscape, with profound economic and social consequences. By directly affecting growth performance, public finance, balance of payments, and exchange rate and monetary conditions, they are posing fresh challenges to policymakers. Moldova, a small, low-income country where an estimated third of the economically active population has been working abroad, is an interesting illustration of this trend.
Although, it is among the poorest countries in Europe, it has made significant progress in reducing poverty and promoting inclusive growth since the early 2000s. Continued economic stabilization, improved living standards, and the creation of a rule-based environment for businesses are the country’s key goals.

Moldova’s large-scale out-migration, combined with decreasing fertility rates, has led to an alarming decline in the population and increased the share of elderly people. However, this hasn’t stopped the technology development and the rising use of digital wallets in Moldova. More and more people are shopping and sending money with their e-wallets.

Best Way to Send Money

Here are some of Jeton’s features and why it’s good to have it.

1. It’s convenient and fast

In mere seconds, you can send money your friends and family in Moldova without having to go to a physical location.

2. It’s efficient

No more digging in your purse or wallet for the right card. Plus, as more consumers adopt our technology, checkout lines could become shorter due to the speedy nature of the transactions.

3. Enhanced Security

Unlike your regular wallet, your phone has controls available — should you turn them on — that will allow only you to get in. If someone finds your wallet, your cards are all right there. But if someone finds your phone, they can’t just physically reach into it and pull out a credit card. Plus, when the payment is made in-store or online, what is exchanged instead of your card number is a unique transaction identifier or token — so the stores where you shop with Jeton do not have to store your account information — which can help enhance the security of your data.

4. It’s cheap

Free to register with fees cheaper than the traditional money transferring methods.

How to Send Money to Moldova

There are a few steps you need to make in order to send money to Moldova.

– Register or login to your Jeton account.
– Navigate to the ‘Send’ section of the app or web browser.
– Fill in the email address, phone number or Jeton User ID of the recipient.
– Enter the amount you want to send and an optional message.
– Your transaction is good to go.

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