How to Send Money to Israel

Send Money Online

There are a huge number of reasons why you might need to send money to Israel; to help a family or friend, to make mortgage payments on a property or to transfer your pension are just a handful.
Looking to send money cheaply online to family in Israel? Or maybe you need a cheap, fast and simple way of sending money to your bank account back home? If so, choose Jeton as your international money sending service. But whatever your reasons, it will pay off to research the easiest and cheapest way of moving money to Israel.
Sending money though a traditional method can allow you send shekel to Israel quickly and safely, with usually just one phone call or visit required to set things up. However, a lot of transferring services come at a cost and you could find yourself losing money due to a poor shekel exchange rate. The high per-transfer fees usually imposed by other institutions will also eat into your finances if you are moving money to Israel on a regular basis. If you want to avoid these often hidden charges then Jeton is the right platform for you.

The Best Way to Send Money Online to Israel

Our mission is to offer the best low cost global money transfer service. With Jeton we make sure our fees are transparent with no surprises at the end of every transaction.
Sending money with Jeton is fast and in most cases same day delivery on the transfers.

How to Send Money to Israel

– Gather the relevant recipient information, with Jeton you can send money to someone if you only have their email address. Alternatively you can send money using their mobile phone or Jeton User ID.
– Create a free online account with Jeton, or login to get a live quote for your money transfer.
– Enter your details and those of your recipient.
– Choose ‘finalise transaction’ to process your payment.
It’s easy and affordable to send money to Israel using Jeton. Even if you’re not ready to transfer funds today, you can sign up now, so your account is active and ready when the time comes for transfer.

Best Money Transferring App to Use in Israel

Jeton’s app is available to iOS and Android customers. The great thing about having the app is the convenience and security it offers. Conveniently send money to Israel, and track transactions right from your phone.
Jeton is also committed to keeping your transaction secure by not sharing your financial information. Our encryption and fraud monitoring help protect your transactions 24/7.
Get human support when you really need it with the Live Chat option provided on the app.