How to Receive Money in Sweden

Send Money Online to Sweden

Whether you are investing in a business or supporting your family back in Sweden, it’s time you stopped losing your hard-earned money to expensive transaction fees and hidden charges. Jeton completely understands your need to be there for your family and friends when you are away from home, and we help you connect with them even when you are thousands of miles away. The lack of transparency on transaction costs is disappointing to users everywhere.

Apart from the insane costs, the time taken by traditional players like big money transfer operators to process your transfers is frustrating enough. Jeton enables individuals and corporates to transfer money to anywhere in Sweden anytime, at affordable costs.

Best Way to Receive Money in Sweden

Online money transfers are a convenient solution for people living and working in Sweden who need to send or received money from loved ones back home, quick and securely.

Why choose Jeton?

Jeton is unique in the way it does so much.Transfer money online from Sweden with our mobile app and enjoy the following:

– Wide availability in over 190 countries
– Both Personal and Business options available
– Send money easily to an email address or phone number
– Offers a virtual card
– User-friendly mobile app

For individuals, Jeton also offers a virtual card linked to your account so you can easily spend the funds in your e-wallet for online purchases, while traveling abroad.

Receive money to your Jeton Wallet and easily withdraw your funds as cash or spend it online.

You can easily receive money from clients or friends and family by sharing your email address registered with Jeton or phone number (no need to share financial details). This fund is deposited into your Jeton wallet and can be withdrawn into your bank account in all countries where Jeton provides payment services.

If the recipients are not a Jeton customers, they can still get their money. They will receive a notification that they have a transaction waiting. After creating a Jeton account they can access their money.

Jeton Fees to Receive Money in Sweden

If you are the receiver, the first five transactions are FREE. As of the 6th send transaction within the same month, 2.50% fee is taken from the receiver per transaction.

In terms of safety Jeton relies on the same security demands as your typical high street banking service and share trading websites.
Jeton also uses a two-factor authentication method for keep your money and sensitive information safe.